Rock, Hard rock, Metal
From: santa rosa, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Josh Sendejas - Drummer
  • Ben Schallert - Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Ronny Hart - Bass/backup vocals
  • Norm Anderson - Rythmn guitar

About Band


Bringing rock back to Northern California.

In July of 2004 Ben Schallert and fellow rock drummer Josh Sendejas were looking to put a New twist on rock and metal with a sonic realism that embraces the soul of what music means to them as a band. Playing 5 string Bass, Ronnie Hart brings the foundation of this project together. With high energy dynamics on his bottom end finger styling. Josh Sendejas, Ben Schallert, and Ronnie Hart have been Krawl for the past five years. In the summer of 2008 Krawl had it's newest addition Norm Anderson as rhythm guitarist. Shoring up this Hard Driving ROCK band and solidifying the melodic guitar styles, Norm Anderson Brings the finishing touches to complete the Krawl sound. Krawl has many influences ranging from Stevie Ray Vahn, Guns n Roses, Dream Theater, to Ice Cube and other genres.

In 2006 Krawl signed with CMC/Blue Comet Records for the first album ‘Killing Me Killing You”. Two years later Krawl Signed with Gunite Records for the second album ‘GREED”. With numerous past live shows locally Krawl has begun focusing bringing the unique sound to more areas. Krawl is currently planning a set of tours to promote the albums. In the past while on tour Krawl has had the privilege to play with such bands as 36Crazyfist, Nonpoint, Ratt, Egypt Central, and many Excellent underground bands.

Out of the ashes evolved this hard hitting Rock/Metal band driven by an unquenchable hunger for music and sonic tone with aggression and warmth. With uncountable shows under Krawl’s belt, Krawl began to become successful at what they loved.. Playing the music that Krawl thrived on, in front of a packed house! What ensued was a huge loyal and local fan base calling to the local radio station demanding Krawl music. The unstoppable response from Krawl fans led to air play on local stations and created a huge local buzz for Krawl.


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