Lady El' ouise

Lady El' ouise

Lady El' ouise

Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: milwaukee, WI, United States

About Artist

Native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin- but raised in Inglewood , California, Lady El'ouise started her rap career by listening and reciting an aunt of her's poems and rap lyrics. One day her aunt told her there was an ad in the paper from a lady looking to form a female rap group. She auditioned and mad the group. She was one of the youngest and weakest writers at the time. She stayed with the group for a year and then formed another group with some high school friends. After having to be transferred out of the school the group cam to an end. Doing her thing solo, rapping in the new high school cafeteria and having mad rap sessions , she then hooked up with a cousin and formed-- what would be her last and final group "Wikkedness" under the management of a local singer Jon Gee. Wickedness wrote and composed a single called "Playas Ball", that ended up on an HBO sound track "Pimps Up Hoes Down". She and her cousin performed at local clubs, festivals and chicago and Philly. After while things didn't workout with management so the girls found new management in New Jersey, New York, Koncetted Records, Verdi Emmanual. The Girls were whipped into condition , with bag up dancers and rehearsals. The girls would then travel all over and perform. In the summer of 2000 Lady El got in a tragic accident and was left bedridden for 3 months. This then put a stop to her career. After a good recovery she was back at it, featuring on local rappers music, and working on her solo with local hit maker, Hack the Hit. Expediting her music, she then hook up with running rebels producer Rocky creating/composing her on music she started her solo journey. She had her first album release, "The Get it Girl". She then did a collaboration mix tape with local DJ Doc B and came out wit" The Boss" under her old stage name Shagg. In 09' Shagg became the Lady El' ouse after the passng of  the late Eartha Kitt. Much like Eartha Kitt she is a lady of many talents and thought as a female mc. it'll give her a long lasting career span. Not just being the typical girl rapper....a lady rapper. With that being said she brought out her first album "Introducing Lady El' ousie".  Lady el' began doing a lot of show's @ places like Quarters, 311, Rave and Brooklyns. If you ask what she's doing know....well she has a mixtape soon to drop in the fall! It's call "Welcome to Child's play" V1 Bride of Chucky! She has created her a alias (bride of chucky doll) ...more like an arch enemy in the doll her words" The gutta side". If you"ve heard of Nicki Minaji aka Barbie then you know where she's going with this! Not saying she's trying to create a rival with her....more like there's room for more female mc's! So be on the look out for Lady El' ousie...there's more to come. You can check her, ladyelouisegig(twitter), reverbnation, facebookcdbaby logoamazon logomyspace logofacebooktwitter logo

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