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LaJuan is the daughter of Rev. Jethery Bohannon. Growing up with a minister for a father, she learned and sang the Gospel like him. LaJuan considered it like a legacy to carry on in father’s music ministry and footsteps. She works in many programs that help teach the understanding of Christianity. She spent much of her youth traveling with her father and playing piano for him, while he sang at different churches. LaJuan attended the Oklahoma City institute of music for music theory Oklahoma back in the early 1990s. In the late 90s LaJuan went to work in a large brand new music store in Nashville called Mars Music, where she worked in the keyboard section. During the time, she managed to build her own music recording studio, and accumulate a large number of keyboards. Where she could write and record her own music daily using keyboard rhythm mixes.

LaJuan has been a writer in Nashville Tennessee for many years, and an independent artist. When youtube came along she uploaded her songs there, and she found people there to share her music with. That’s when her music started becoming well known and well liked. LaJuan has written and recorded hundreds of Christian songs, and written over a thousand songs. Now her songs are just now being heard by the public on the web, radio, and in her local churches. You can see her videos and hear her work at many of her official youtube channels:

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You can also contact LaJuan at: or though her youtube sites.

LaJuan also has many children’s songs, Christmas songs and novelty songs recorded as well, even though the majority of her work is Christian music, she has recorded a few cover songs made popular by Elvis and others.

LaJuan has cut 10 albums in all but has internet marketed 6 of her albums on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody and eMusic! Her 6 marketed albums are:




Album Name: Love

Track 1: Sikimzee Highway

Track 2: Jamaican Cowboy

Track 3: Love

Track 4: A Thorn In My Heart

Track 5: Sunsets

Track 6: Lady Luck

Track 7: Happy Hay Day

Track 8: Kiss Me Where I Stand

Track 9: I Can't Help Falling In Love With Elvis

Track 10: My Angel Sings Me To Sleep

Track 11: Falling Falling Falling

Track 12: Dream A Little Dream Of Loving Me

Track 13: One Way

Track 14: I'm All Shook Up

Track 15: Crazy Arms

Track 16: The Lamb Lay Beside The Lion

Track 17: Zion

Track 18: Holy Roller

Track 19: I Can Feel Love

Track 20: Oh Holy One

Track 21: Little Baby Jesus

Track 22: The After Christmas Blues

Track 23: Two Little Love Birds

Track 24: I Won't Tell

Track 25: Do You See What I See




Album: Christmas With Christ

Track 1: Joy To The World

Track 2: Little Drummer Boy

Track 3: Come Into The Light

Track 4: God's Awesome Things

Track 5: Jingle Bells

Track 6: Let It Snow

Track 7: Christmas Is About Jesus

Track 8: Sometimes I Need Your Guidance Oh Lord

Track 9: Silent Night

Track 10: Have You Read Your Bible Lately

Track 11: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Track 12: Do You Hear What I Hear

Track 13: Lucky Girl

Track 14: Little Baby Jesus

Track 15: Angel Baby

Track 16: Complain

Track 17: A Perfect World

Track 18: Confession And Regression

Track 19: We're Gonna Rock Around The House Tonight

Track 20: The New Born King

Track 21: Teddy Bear

Track 22: Jesus Is Lord Of This Place

Track 23: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Track 24: I'm Going With You

Track 25: Give Me A Christmas Kiss




Album: God Science And Evolution

Track 1: Calling All God's Children

Track 2: I Can See Clearly Now

Track 3: God Science And Evolution

Track 4: Makes Me Wanna Be With You

Track 5: Hallelujah Blessed Be The Name

Track 6: You Want Some Of This?

Track 7: Jesus My Rock Star

Track 8: I'm Alive

Track 9: Jesus Saves

Track 10: Stand

Track 11: Have You Read Your Bible Lately

Track 12: Come Into The Light

Track 13: God's Awesome Things

Track 14: Sometimes I Need Your Guidance Oh Lord

Track 15: Lucky Girl

Track 16: Angel Baby

Track 17: Complain

Track 18: Jesus Is Lord Of This Place

Track 19: Confession And Regression

Track 20: A Perfect World













Album: Songs Of Praise

Track 1: Why You Think

Track 2: Genesis His Seven Days And Seven Nights

Track 3: God's Chosen Ones

Track 4: Praying For Our Children

Track 5: Time To Fly

Track 6: Heaven's Just A Breath Away

Track 7: Give Them One More Reason

Track 8: Something In The Air

Track 9: Footprints In The Sand

Track 10: Taste And See

Track 11: Consider The Lilies

Track 12: Sikimzee Highway

Track 13: I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Track 14: Emotions In Medical Care

Track 15: Give Me The Words Lord







Album: Zion

Track 1: Follow Me

Track 2: Praise Jesus

Track 3: Streets of Zion

Track 4: Zion, “The City of David ” The Lamb Lay Beside the Lion

Track 5: Won’t You Come On In

Track 6: There Is a God

Track 7: Take Us There

Track 8: Lord I Need You

Track 9: Look Up

Track 10: God’s Eyes in the Sky

Track 11: I Want My Angel Wings

Track 12: You’re The Captain of My Sea

Track 13: Ring the Bells

Track 14: My Boys

Track 15: Hey Don’t You Love Jesus?




Her 6th marketed album called “Signs of God” Will be out soon.


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