Jazz, Punk, Experimental
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Larry Copcar - Drums Vocals
  • Todd Homer - Double Bass
  • Joe Baiza - Guitar
  • L .Guit - Guitar
  • Kenny Kawi - Saxaphones

About Band

Larry Copcar ( Larry Scarano ) A surviving member of Sam Kinison’s Rat Pack. He still performs as both  comedian and drummer.

Larry  first appears in 1967 on Roulette Records as the drummer of THE BOUGALIEU. A snotty Albany, N.Y.  psych/punk band.  Their 45 "Lets Do Wrong" is a highly collectable and much discussed 60's record. He also can be found on 70's LPs:  WHITNEY SUNDAY, ( recorded at Bradley's Barn in Nashville )  and  RANDY & THE GOATS.  

     Albany. Although it's last name was New York it was as rural in some spots as Alabama. Guys who are now in their 60's were brought up on WABY and WPTR AM radio in the early 1960's which had a top forty that would play James Brown followed by Patsy Cline . Legal drinking age was 18. You could get served in most places at 16. So you could get into the jazz joints and rock clubs with players up from New York City and "chitlen circut" clubs in the South End while you were still in high school. The area was a musical garden.What else can you do but play music growing up in a city with ten months of winter. (People from the guts of Albany didn't ski.)

In the early 70's Larry had the great fortune of one on one drum lessons with Jack DeJohnette at his house 40 miles away down in Woodstock. A gift. A blessing.

Balls out, with $60, a drum set, and a one week gig at The Four Queens Hotel, Larry moved his goals, and wet dreams to Las Vegas, and spent the late 70's in casino lounge bands working old school rooms. Opening for, and learning from, the likes of Willie Nelson at The Golden Nugget and Redd Foxx at The Thunderbird. Meanwhile writing jokes for a few big time comics in town. ( Rodney Dangerfield and Joan Rivers).

Inspired by every desert sunrise . It was easy to live on the other side of the clock. In a city of no clocks.  In the Summer of 1976 he toured Alaska with his band  Dr. Smooth during the pipeline boom. Talk about no rules. The was the real Wild West.

  While living in Las Vegas, on nights off, he would walk  through the musician's door and go sit in the back of every showroom and backstage in town  to watch Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Count Basie, BB King, Tony, Frank, Wayne, and Shecky work.

The Mob vibe was still alive in Las Vegas in the 70's. And it was music and comedy University. All there for the taking on a three mile strip.      "A small town with a big street".   It was  before the corporate mega resort takeover. Most of the hotel showrooms were pink vinyl cool and the casinos were smoky. One sunny afternoon Larry was walking out of The Leaning Tower of Pizza. An unmaked car pulled up. A badge and a gun was flashed. An over zealous undercover cop arrested him, thinking he made the collar of his career. He ended up with egg on his face down at Metro.  No, this wasn't Tony " The Ant " Spilotro. ...Thus the nick name " Larry Copcar ".

In 1979 Larry and three other rookie comics who also called Las Vegas home drove down  to check out the L.A. comedy scene. One of them, Drew Carey, stayed in Los Angeles. The other guys went back home to Vegas. The rest ,as they say, is history.

 Larry soon took to Hollywood in the 80's ,and quickly found a home at The Comedy Store where Misty Shore called him, ' The brightest of the new guys ". Many of his off the cuff lines during his 20 plus years there have now become the subject of debate on popular podcasts. Lines that are now considered " stock ".

 Forever holding out for the Stars he passed on the many cattle call cable TV comedian shows of the day. And he never could digest  the comedy club circuit.  Many of which still looked like the discos that  they were  from the last decade and run by people who knew little about comedy . In 1988  he was chosen out of hundreds of comics  who auditioned in New York and Los Angeles to appear in the cult stand-up film COMEDY'S DIRTIEST DOZEN  with Chris Rock, Bill Hicks, Tim Allen , and Otto And George.

  He opened for Sam Kinison for over a year at Sam's legendary Comedy Store Main Room shows. Which was the place to be on Sunday nights for L.A.'s rock, movie, and porno stars.  And a typical Saturday Night would find Larry on  stage at The Comedy Store at 10 and at The Hully Gully Studio jamming at midnight.  Living the dreams all at once. Too much fun ...and then some.

  Eventually  those all night Saturday sessions gave birth to SAM KINISON'S OUTLAW BAND. An all star jamfest with a revolving door of eclectic players such as Ted Nugent, Leslie West, Billy Idol, Joe Walsh, and Julian Lennon.

When Sam did his peak of career Universal Amphitheater shows, on one of the nights, Larry moved over to percussion and gave the drum chair up to Tommy Lee.  Sam's encores at his comedy shows were always a surprise all star jam..... Music born at those all nighters at The Hully Gully Studio in Silver Lake.

A lot of people credit Larry with "giving" GUNS AND ROSES, who were always hanging out at The Comedy Store,  the title to their mega hit  "Welcome To The Jungle" which was  Larry's comedy catch phrase in the mid 80's.

  He also played with GOOD COP/BAD COP, an experimental soul noise duo. A fixture at the legendary Al's Bar in downtown LA. Then was unwittingly recruited as  drummer/ vocalist of ......

THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARETET. An inovative , spontaneous, freeform, sarcasm band. The bands three CDs are on play lists all over the World. A unique blend of  jazz, punk, and comedy. With Todd Homer on bass who was a founding member of  ANGRY SAMOANS, 80's punk icons.

Info and reviews on Facebook...The Hollywood Squaretet

Also  DRUNK BY NOON. A free- form jazz-punk fusion explosion featuring Larry's beat poetry.

"If you are going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh; otherwise they'll kill you."

- -George Bernard Shaw

       Notes from Larry :

I drank with Joe Cocker in Buffalo in 1969.

Played pinball with Alice Cooper at The Electric Factory in 1970 in Philly.

Smoked with Willie Nelson's band in 1975 in Vegas.

Partied away the 80's in LA with Sam Kinison.

Pissed off Kaydo Kalin with an O J joke. And Sean Penn with a Madonna reference.

Had The Hells Angles dig my jokes at "Street Vibrations" biker rally in Reno four years running.                                                        

I saw The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones.

I saw Mickey Mantle with Yogi Berra.

Got high with Charlie Sheen.

I am too old to die young.   

 Music and comedy are not day jobs.  Don't diminish yourself trying to get a gig. " The formula for failure is trying to please everybody." - George Lawrence Stone

     Lately, I've been performing a new stand-up / spoken word set. Playing Jazzpunk music,  writing a book that seems to never end, and making some noise in wonderful Joshua Tree, California.

    " When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts"  -                              -  L. Ellison, entrepreneur

                        Follow  Larry Copcar on Facebook. There are some videos on Youtube.

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