Leaving Vegas

Leaving Vegas

Leaving Vegas

Rock, Indie
From: Milan, Italy

Band Members

  • Max - Voice-Guitar
  • Ale - Guitar
  • Warin - Bass
  • Serj - Drums

About Band

Originally rising to prominence as "The Chief's backing group", the quartet known simply and authoritatively as "The Hand of God" later emerged as one of rock music's most seminal acts. Crafting highly literate, austerely luminous songs probing the mythology of mystical experience, their music fused the rural beauty of old-time country and indie with the spirit of rock 'n' roll to forge a uniquely evocative aesthetic far removed from the work of their contemporaries. The Band comprised guitarists Ale "The Chief" and Max, bassist Warin and drummer Serj; Max shared vocal duties. The group slowly came together under the tutelage of American rockabilly singer “The Krapoz” and Slovenian metalhead "The Yari", who highly influenced the band before relocating to Roveda at the beginning of the 2006. Prior to the release of their first EP “A few steps away”, the band announced their break-up, with a celebratory final concert to follow at San Francisco's Winterland on 6 June 2006. Director Martin Scorsese filmed the event, named “The Last Days of Vegas”. Legend says that during the concert an H-bomb was released by a black plane, aiming at the crowd in front of the stage; as soon as The Chief saw it falling from the sky, he raised his guitar and screaming out “I’m the chief, I love metal - Check this riff, its fucking tasty!”, he made his secret move (later known as “The Riff of Death”). With the help of the other band members he managed to stop the bomb which exploded in the sky leaving the crowd unharmed under a black snow of ashes. From that day, Leaving Vegas decided to keep on joining their efforts in order to protect mankind and spread the rock’n roll seed all around the world.

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Website: www.leavingvegas.net
Website: www.myspace.com/leavingvegas

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