LEBOWSKI hardcore

LEBOWSKI hardcore

LEBOWSKI hardcore

Hardcore, Alternative, Metal
From: Christchurch, New Zealand

Band Members

  • owen - vocals
  • guy - drums
  • juanos - guitar
  • layton - bass

About Band

About Bringing hardcore to Christchurch. Biography When veterans of the Christchurch underground music scene unite for a project, the results are bound to raise an eyebrow. When those involved come from various metal projects, both eyebrows are forcibly pulled up for a musical black eye. This four piece formed late in 2011 after an itch to bottle their creative juices drew drummer Guy Higginson and guitarist Jonno Wheeler together. The idea was to create hardcore grooves. It wasn't long before they enlisted the vocal extremes of Owen Lipksi and after playing a basic demo to bassist Layton Puru, the band was formed and set to work expanding their set. Within months, they were chomping at the bit to show their broken city what they had done. In a word, these boys are heavy. Not the sort of heavy laden with wailing guitar solos and screaming harmonics, or the sort of heavy with polyrhythms intended to entrance drum geeks. The simple yet aggressive kind of heavy that needs to be tranquillized before you can make a hole in the wall and crane it to the vets. The kind of brutal that makes the youtube clips of “Bullied kid fights back” look like a quiet days fishing. Put your can of Whoop-Ass back on the shelf and help yourself to a bottle of Lebowski Brand W.T.F. Description Fast paced, hard hitting hardcore. Aggressive grooves, beats, and breakdowns in short, sweet tracks. A subtle, yet refreshing bouquet of manstink with an undertone of fresh cherries.

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