From: rome, Italy

Band Members

  • Frank Prota - sing, piano, clarinet and guitar
  • Carine Jurdant - sing, accordion, flute and guitar
  • Lolo Natale Smith - percussions
  • Lelo Natale Smith - Guitar and banjo

About Band

Biography: The legend of  Le Loup Garou   Le Loup Garou was born soon after Frank Prota and Guido Caputi bumped into each other in a trashy night club called DeX, on a November afternoon of 1986. A deep understanding based on the common goal of creating a European ancient sound and to make it wild and pure. Take the distance from a culture that would suggest the market rules as the one and only. The two had always loathed that ‘colony’ attitude so typical of the musical world in Italy where whenever a new trend is set by the American market the Italian ‘artists’ would soon follow up (it happened with rock, blues, rap, hip hop and so on). Two months later on the beach of Castell’Abate they meet Luis Borriello the first ensemble of Le Loup Garou was born.

Our three join in a solitary location during summer ’87 they compose arrange and publish Ortodoxia their first CD as a group.

1000 copies are printed which will be sold during their following concerts, they didn’t even think of trying and suggest their work to the Italian discographic world. (actually it’s really hard to find a copy of this work, never reprinted since.)

In 1988-89 the bend started a co-operation with the Theatrical Director Ludovica Rambelli to put on stage plays such as ‘The Wilk Oil Galvano’, ‘L’Uomo Ombra’ and ‘From Morning to Midnight’.

In 1990 Le Loup Garou takes part and wins the first prize of the festival ‘Naples is Calling’ as best emerging band. The morning after Guido Caputi withdraws from the group to found the Lunatic Asylum, but that’s another story…

Brand new energy and charm when the ‘terrible’ Prof. Di Palo joins in (ex-Terrapin, ex- Nobrium Sabotage) with him Frank publishes in 1993 a new CD, ‘The Grave and the Trees’. Guess what? The morning after Prof. Di Palo withdraws from the ensemble, retires to private life and devotes himself entirely to building bathing-huts, but that’s another story…

At the beginning of 1994, after a long and exhausting casting Frank meets Carin Jourdant, Klaus Rando and Too-loo Stafanelli. Here comes the most well-known ensemble of Le Loup Garou:

In June ’94, after two months of rehearsals, the band takes part and wins the festival Arezzo Wave; takes off for a first Italian Tour of 30 dates in two months, only the beginning of a long season of concerts where the wolves are gonna play for years in Italy and abroad for a total of about 5000 dates.

In 1995 is issued in the CD “Las Girafas y los lobos” under the Breton label PRIKOSNOVENIE, to which the first French tour is due.

1997 is the year in which Polo Sud publishes the memorable “13 Pequenos Bau Bau” CD that assures the band with the record of highest number of discs sold with the lowest budget spent, no promotion, no distribution.

The disc’s great success confirms the talent of  L.L.G. who from now on become a real cult phenomenon.

In 1998 the band signs a contract with ViceVersa Records, Catania, and publishes a miniCD: PEPI TASHIRO UND DIE LETZE TANZ and a book full of

photos, lyrics, scores.

A year has passed and after a long period of recording WIPITI dance dance is issued, this time the CD is distributed by EMI.

At the beginning of 2000 the group finds itself having to choose between entering the market accepting its very mechanisms and loosing a portion on the creative side or keep on the challenging path of experimentation (constantly on the verge of bankruptcy).

Guess what was the choice for Le Loup Garou?

After two years of legal battles the band gets rid of ViceVersa and get back where they belong, to their “search for the truth”.

In September 2000 Maurizio Becker, reporter and friend arranges a meeting between Frank and a milestone of the history of Italian music: Italo Greco. Producer and Talent Scout for what was RCA, Greco found and produced names such as Patty Pravo, Paolo Conte….

The meeting is dazzling, in fact Lilli and Frank soon develop a friendship based on great mutual esteem.

That’s how the BARILLAZ project was born, under this name Frank e Carin are finalists at  Festival of Recanati in may 2002.

After challenging excursions in the fields of theatre and contemporary art – see Miss Marmo, Nani Nudi and Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio- Le Loup Garou go back to their Neapolitan studio (the fab Orbit Studios) to record their new work: CAPRI APOCALYPSE, published by Polo Sud in May 2004!

Strikingly talented musicians such as Roy Paci and Cristiano Della Monica also offer their unique contribution to CAPRI APOCALYPSE.

In the summer of 2006 Frank meets Italo Greco, a man who creates the greatest part of Italian musical culture from 1960 (RCA) dicovering and producing Patty Pravo, De Gregori, Venditti, Dalla, Vianello, Paolo Conte.

The connection create a first work in 2007: "Beau and Beast" realized with Neapolitan Surfers.

The group is now working on a Live CD "Makarri Twist" produced by Polo Sud that will be in the stores in march 2009, and on a new record called " Le Avventure Orgoniche del Coniglio Gominati" that will be ready in the summer of 2009.




Vox  -  guitar  -  sax & clarinet  -  piano


   Maestro Prota’s life is so dense and complex that to tell it all it needs a whole book. So here we’ll just talk about principal fact.

His born was not an easy job; the umbilical cordon was twisted around his throat, choking him nearly to death. In his childhood he shows very early sadist inclinations. His parents worked all day and so they have to leave Frank and his brother Paul with the beautiful and sweet Maria Papadopulos, a Greek medicine student age 24 babe sitter part time. She wasn’t really very authoritative and so Frank enjoyed himself closing her out of the window and letting her there even for five hours! Only at seven, when frank’s mother turned home the poor Maria become free again.

Frank’s father had the habit to sing and play Neapolitan songs and often tried to involve Frank in singing. It was impossible. When child Frank heated music and Neapolitan song in particular! It was only at the age of 14 the his point of view about music changed.

He was becoming a man and he had his first vacation alone (without parents). He went in a camping with both boys and girls! Even he tried hard to kiss girls nothing happened, and he found himself in difficulty. On the sometime he saw that his friend Roberto was able to stay with two girls at the same time. Since this guy played and sang Beatles’s songs with the guitar he suddenly decided: I’ll become a rock singer so females will come to me!

And so he did!

His friends find him strange and disquieting, but in spite of all they love and respect him very much. His astrological sign is Scorpio ascendant Aquarius, in orient he would be Dragoon!

So it is no surprising if his character is a little bit overwhelming.

He loves music, films and books, but he also likes games of every kind. Especially the one he invents just for you! Sometime he vanishes and nobody knows where to find him or when he’ll be back. He is very stubborn, intuitive and lunatic, it’s always better stay away when he get furious! He founded Le Loup Garou and Cibo, Barillaz and Neapolitan Surfers. With Miss Marmo I NANI NUDI (the naked dwarfs) and with Albert and Robert The DRING !

Now he is very involved with two new project: produce artist for Neapolitan Surfers and writing a book! What to do…he never stay quiet.




Of Russian origins he was born in Prague in November 1964. Son of prof G. Prota, a Neapolitan chemist, and prof. Johanna Volokhov, a Moscow biochemist. For political reasons the family moved from Prague to Naples in July 1968. Because of his very violent relation with his father Frank ran away from home at the age of 16. With the target to get money for his studies Frank start to let women pay for him, and with the help of 3 very nice girls he attend university were he study medicine and psychoanalysis and music academy were he learn clarinet, piano and composition. In 1986 he found with Luis Borriello and Guido Caputi the mythical group called LE LOUP GAROU



To approach, even in a marginal way, the nucleus of the complex and disquieting madamoiselle Carin’s personality, is definitively an undertaking job.

Anyway Carin  Jurdant was born in Ath, , under the sign of Fishes. Virgo ascendant.

Her astrologic chart is strongly dominated by planet Pluto. Venus and moon find themselves into the scorpion’s  constellation. From chinese point of view she’s an Ox, the same as J.S.Bach, A.Hitler and prof. G.Prota!

Since she was a babe, madamoiselle J. has been divided between two great incompatible passions. Religious fanaticism and sexual perversions. There are several funny episodes reported by her dry-nurse in which we see the little Carin in the middle of a furious childish masturbation falling on her knees prey of ecstatic convulsions, beginning to pray with holy heat San Justine, very famous Walloon saint.

Once adult, for more than ten years, Carin worked for the terrible belgian secret services under the code name of “black widow”. Someone said she had the special kill license just like Mr Bond. But about this period legend and reality mixes often one in to the other and the only who could clarify keeps silence. Something we had observed is that several times her special skills turn to be very useful for survival during the adventurous Le Loup Garou’s tournee.

Her favourite hobbies are riding horses, bend the bow, exercising in martial arts (aikido), reading everything, making ultracheap shopping, adventurous travels, and obviously play live.

That what we have been told….

For what concerns relationship whit men Miss Jurdant could be called a men devourer.

Many men who had the occasion to know her say: “first she seduces you then she kills you”

Probably we can call it fate but on 58 boyfriends six suicide themselves, eleven live like tramps under Bruxelles bridges. Seven need to live constantly under use of psicodrugs. A group of five, after a good fraternizing, gave itself to the monastic way of life. Other nine become gays, two of them trans. The remaining joined themselves and founded an hippyes community, based on non violence and free sex. Nowadays they are all in good health and are relatively happy.

Now you’re probabily wonder about his actual boyfriend…well it is nothing less than Frank.

Yeah, you get it well. It’s now nearly ten years that this two old crazy fools get along together just fine. We’ve heard around that Frank was able to tame this  northern wild girl making use of very ancient and secret tantra sex techniques, learned in between 1975 and 1983.





She comes from Picardy, . She studied classical singing and acting, and she also attended the gymnastic liceum in Bruxelles. Her father was a doctor and he died when Carin was nine, living the wife and four children. That something that strongly signed Carin’s life.

When she was 19 she got in the acrobatic circus of the famous Victor Petrinoff, with the rule of snake enchantrees. She worked with pitons, anacondas and things like that. But under appearances the true was another…the work in the circus was just a covering. In reality she was a SPY ! Yeah she worked for the S.B.B. (secret boureau de Belgium). In 91 after a very shocking work accident she decided to leave everything and started to roam around the world. At least she landed in Naples where she got in touch with Frank.


Bass  -  vox  -  footdrum


Totto-lo is a peaceful man. That’s what friends say. Nevertheless if repeatedly attacked he can become wild just like a beast. In these occasions he’s fearless of any enemy. Men, women or children it doesn’t make a big difference. As he said to Frank after having wildly knocked a little girl called Silvia F. down: “You wanted equal rights, uh, here you are baby”

But… please don’t take this story too badly…. Super-Toni is basically a good fellow.

Of course, he’s only human, there are a few backsides that really come down to comic aspects of his character. Some of his closest friends would say he’s a bit lazy, some would say he’s greedy, that he developed a sad attachment towards money. As Tizi  (his wife) used to say “ You’re such a lazy bastard, I’ve always got to do the hard work”. Super-Toni doesn’t seem to suffer too much for that… In the band Totto Loo has some specific duties he takes very seriously.

1 to play bass and sing, at least live.

2 to keep the Le Loup Garou-van in good shape

3 to write a least a song for each new disc released

Toni is an Aries, he used to say his ascendent was Scorpio. Lately, after having given a better look to his zodiacal picture, it cames out Virgo. He didn’t want to believe and accept the sad truth.

Chinese astrology would call him Mouse. 1.75 cm tall, green eyes and few brown hair. In his leisure time he enjoys building. He is a very good cook and really gives his best if you talk neapolitan traditional cusine, his mama, lady Stefanelly, taught him. It’s now three years he’s engaged with a very young girl, much younger then him. From the day he meet her he just forsook his wife and all of his old friends. This little girl called Stefi, love to feel herself the centre of his world. Every evening she pretends to be brought by Toni to the cinema, to the discoteque, in vacation. Often they have dinners with friends (her friends). Toni have to attend like an old daddy. But more, she is affected by an unhealthy kind of pathological jealousy that brings her to see every where and every time, endless legions of hungry new lovers, well determined to steal his well loved Super Toni!

Recently, in Europe, a big general voting has been proposed: “ STEFI VS TIZI” is the title track. A short line off with photos of both women will be published and… let win the better!

This will be of great utility for Toni, to clarify his jerky spirit and his static mind.





He was born in march 1960 in a modest proletarian family in the ill-reputed Soccavo quarter. He was the eighth son of a little dress maker, Milena Potinuolo and mr. Vincent Stefanelli.

His father died in prison when Totto Loo was just 4, living him, six sister and one mama alone. After a childhood spent on the road, Totto loo get near to the Christian religion and he approached in a seminary with the intention of taking votes. In this period he had some hard homosexual experiences and also it came out his great passion for music. Fortunately an older woman, the maid of the monastery, lures him and between them springs up an impetuous love. A new life stars for him and he get married and he worked in a neapolitan traditional music band as bass player for several years. Then, in 1994, the Fate decided to let him meet Frank Prota, and so he become a warewolf!


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