Lethal Sound Dischord

Lethal Sound Dischord

Lethal Sound Dischord

Hardcore, Electronica, Experimental
From: Milwaukee, WI, United States

About Artist

Lethal Sound Dischord (LSD) is an experimental electronic act from Milwaukee, WI. Twisting genres such as punk, industrial, hardcore, metal, drum n bass, and noise, LSD describes its sound as "digicore" (aka digital hardcore).

The project started in early 2007 by creating beats on a DR-202 drum machine. With no money or resources to record, Evan John decided to crash underground DIY punk shows with ambush performances, showing up with a 75 watt amp, mixer, mic, and drum machine, and performed for mere minutes just to get people to hear the music.

The project has evolved from simplistic drum machine beats to a full-blown portable electronic studio, incorporating MIDI and samplers into the production and live perfomance.

In March, 2008, gear was stolen from Evan, and he decided to record a demo/ep using only what he had left: a 4-track tape recorder and a digital guitar effects modeling pedal. 2 days and 6 songs later, he produced the 1st official LSD release, "The Noise Sessions". Looping and layering guitar noises and using beats from the rythym trainer in the pedal.

In autumn, 2008, Evan started working with software programs and MIDI, and learned to arrange music. In June, 2009, LSD released their EP "Digital Killed Analog", coinciding with the United States analog tv to digital conversion. The album was handmade, and only 50 copies to date were distributed. The album was a mixed genre release, with songs ranging from goofy-sample-laden hardcore digi-punk, to drum n bass, to grindcore, to noise.

In October, 2009, LSD self released "Lil' Stupid Demo", a 4 song EP of goofy, off the wall punk. Another 50 copies were handmade and distrubted.


In January, 2010, Evan started a DIY record label called Noisic Records as an output not just for LSD releases, but other types of music he produces, such as experimental prog-metal, glitch, techno-rock, ambience, drum n bass, and acoustic.


LSD is currently producing their 1st full length album, hopefully released by early 2011.

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