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DJ Lietez (Michael Clark) was born in Roseville, Ca. on April 2nd 1987. As a child, Michael occupied a majority of his time playing video games and helping his mother with their computer. Computers became a fascination for him as he started to learn how to build them and use DOS commands to modify the information contained in them. His first real encounter with music was through an old computer that utilized the keyboard of their computer to input information with the result of a MIDI sound output. He designed simple songs through several free and shareware programs but felt limited and concentrated more on upgrading hardware and playing computer games. Years later, his mother bought him an electric guitar so that he may learn how to play it. Not being able to afford lessons, he set out on the internet to teach himself how to play the foreign instrument. He started looking up his favorite songs at the time (Master of Puppets - Metallica, Memories - Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.) and learned to play them by ear. Not fully satisfied with the tonality of his improvisations, he discovered guitar tablature. From there he was able to quickly learn all of his favorite songs and start playing them for friends and family, as well as teaching himself simple theory (scales) through noticing certain patterns in each song. Practicing every day, he got better and better, learning everything he could while improving his skills in accuracy, speed, tonality and several techniques. He then started a nameless band with a friend and coworker (Vocals) and set out fliers to gather more members. He then received a call from an independent label with interest in his band. They set out to God Like Music studios to practice and record. His friend, and vocals of the band eventually quit the band after frustrations of forming a full band which caused Michael to give up on the idea of playing in a band and remained in study of the guitar. Eventually he discovered "DAWs". He downloaded a free DAW and started recording his guitar playing. He then used that as a tool to create harmonies with himself for further study and started teaching himself how to compose music. From there he incorporated synth to his music, and eventually faded out the guitar and stayed with just synth instruments. He now creates electronic music through DAWs.

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