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Hello, my name is Massimo and I am an art director and graphic designer. My main passion, however, is making and listening music. I start early, at age 4, with the piano, and then find myself at 14 with technics 1200 to play for parties and events of friends for free. But I did not feel satisfied, I never liked to play other people's songs. Then one day, at end of period of the piano, I went to the music store where I had bought my old piano to take another, smaller. And there has changed my life. For the first time I could see a Yamaha X-S1, I could try and I was enthralled. I bought one and took it home. I think I've been playing for a whole month, to the discovery of the new world of which I was overlooks. This was the first step, but only a synth was not enough. Then I took a korg, for the battery, a sampler and a bassmachine. And a little later I started to do the first few songs. Then I get the computer in the family, and in '95 I took the first, and I made a new discovery: Cubase. And then FL Studio, Ableton Live, ProTools. From then assemble the various sounds, put plugin, compressors, and other became much easier, you had your own personal study at home. I made so many songs since then until now. I do not like to hear or make just one genre, but I like to experiment, do not give limits to my creativity. Over the past 5 years I have worked on something that reflects my way of making music, trying to put together a series of songs that range in different genres. I can not identify myself in one music genre. And not only, I continuously working on new projects, and I' m constantly looking for new sounds and new ideas. I listen to all kinds of music. I write all this to introduce myself before you to listen to my work and told me what you think. I am looking for someone who can understand what I want to present. Something different. Making albums containing different genres, so you can transmit more sensations within the same project, involving the listener. During the day, a series of events, good or bad, which makes you fall in love or makes you angry or make you entertain, in this way you can find the right soundtrack, in the same album.

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