Life Occurs

Life Occurs

Life Occurs

Metalcore, Hard rock, Other
From: Brooklyn, NY, United States

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In early 2008 a vision was fashioned to form a metal band that would appease the masses. This band would have all elements of music, yet at the same time stay true to its roots in bedlam. Lead by vocalist, Michael Sciangula, this vision started to take shape. Michael quickly enlisted his good friends Victor “Nesto” Paredes, and Chris "Satan" Orso, to fill the string section of the band. They later came across percussionist Al “Biggs” and Dave Swincicki, to fill out the low ends of the bands needs. With the bands filled roster, they went to work and started writing vigorously. Over a cores of many months it was felt that the band wanted to go in a different direction and called upon Mike “Mosh” Machalani, to take over where Biggs left off, finished writing, and quickly went into the studio to record. In Dec. of 2008 the band felt yet again that it needed to move into a different direction. So Life Occurs called upon Mosh’s good friend, Danny “Metal” DeClet, to take over the position of lead guitar. With the finish of their first four song demo they where unpleased with the results for it did not capture their newly acquired sound, power and charisma. So they went back to work writing even more sonic sounding songs that would reach people of extreme differences. Over a year went by before they all agreed that they were indeed ready to record again and had material of epic magnitude. Today, with the recent completion of the bands official first demo, “Life Occurs,” it is understood that the band is a monster not dared to be tamed. Their sound pierces through the local scene, as a refreshing taste to the tongues of all who are stuck with the staleness and the repetitive. Life Occurs is the perfect blend of old and new. Each of their songs embodies a slew of sounds that all can enjoy. Each note caresses a different nerve. Life Occurs is ready, are you?

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