Pop, Alternative
From: Rome, Italy

Band Members

  • Evgeny Kiselevich - music, production
  • Alisa Bikkenina - lyrics, vocals

About Band

Evgeny Kiselevich was born on the 12th of July, 1969 in the large siberian industrial city of Omsk. Seven years later in 1976, the same date became the birthdate of Alisa Bikkenina. They lived in one city, not knowing each other and trying to find their own way in life.

While Alisa was an exemplary pupil of the secondary school, Evgeny started to play guitar with his classmates and at the age of 17 he played in a semi-professional rock-band called "The Chance." In spite of his mother’s concerns to enter musical college 1987, when rock music was denied by the Soviet regime, they participated in the 1st official Siberian Fesival of Rock-Music. There were more than 40 bands from 20 siberian cities, and the event impressed the young musician so much that he had no doubts anymore: he found what he was looking for.

Alisa studied foreign languages at the university, immersed herself in literature and visited all the concerts which took place in her native city. After the military duty Evgeny became a student of a musical colledge. Simultaniously he did his best to take part in all interesting musical projects.

In 1994, during the recording of an album with one of his bands, he was captured by the idea to work in a recording studio. He became a sound engineer and extended his knowledge about arranging and mixing music. At that time her irresistible dream to travel around the world led Alisa to Europe.

During one of her visits to Russia she met Evgeny who was already a professional musician, working in a studio and had gigs with his band. They fell in love and from then on their paths were one. And that path led to Germany. Alisa was a student of the German University and Evgeny tried in a new country with a new language and culture to connect to the musical scene. Eventually his fortune brought him to one small recording studio where he got an opportunity to produce his own songs composed in tandem with Alissa.

Friends helped him willingly with the vocals and at last Evgeny took risks to ask Alisa to sing. After several hours spent in studio, there was born a new project “B’Alice”, later renamed into "LIMMO". Enjoy it.

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