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Established in 2012, LondonKaleb started as a "joke" artist inspired by Melissa Cherry from The Onion Movie. Over the past 2 years Kaleb has since grown into a serious artist, creating potential-hit records such as "Styles" and songs that sound better played backwards than they do forwards. All of which were born as concepts in Kaleb's brain and then recorded onto digital memory. Along the way with this process, Kaleb has gained little help from the use of his Apple iPad mini using various sound-based Apps. The adition of using U-Jam has also greatly improved his music overall. Kaleb's dream would be to work with such artists as, Lady Gaga and PSY. They are all visions of the future of whats to come, and so is he. "Styles" and its many extensions are just a taste of whats to come from LondonKaleb. Discover a man you never knew, until now. Music to infinity & beyond! For Your Ears Only™

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