Acoustic, Blues, Rock
From: Sterling, VA, United States

Band Members

  • John - Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin
  • Steppie - Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica

About Band

"This trip began over 16 years ago when I received my first guitar and began playing in bands,"  is how John describes the musical road that has lead him to LostDogz.  

What would eventually become LostDogz began in 1994 as Disgruntled Postal Workers.  This small group of friends found quickly that circumstance is the ultimate controller of all bands.  After winning an award for originality from MTV and NAMM; Five became three within two months, moves nearly destroyed the band a year later, and suddenly DPW was over.   During that time DPW recorded three demos; DPW, Torture You Live, and God, The Middleman, and Satan. The six song demo DPW is the only one to survive the band. The time spent on the stage, in the studio, and the musical influence of the  members of DPW and peers during this time would mold the future of John's songwriting.

A couple months after the demise of DPW;  John began jamming with a few  friends, and LostDog was born.  The original lineup changed in 1997 when John moved to Arizona and continued what had begun on a whim in South Carolina.  Between 1999 and 2003 two demos were recorded; Alice'z Nectar  and Demonz in The Holy City.  Both were recorded as solo albums, and are mostly guitar and vocals with little percussion. In 2003 Andy and Steppie were added to LostDog  during their tour in Iraq, and  became LostDogz.  With Andy's departure in July 2004 it became just Steppie and John.

Steppie and John; the two sides of LostDogz prove that differences only make you stronger.  Although many of the bands influences are similar; the two pull from different core influences.  John has a strong pull towards old Memphis blues, modern folk singers, and street punk, while  Steppie brings country, hardcore, and grunge into the mix.  All of these styles are prevelent in LostDogz songs, and mix together into Acoustic Blues Rock.  John and Steppie continue to push each other musically by constantly honing their skills as songwriters, and pulling from life experiences in order to bring life to these songs.


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Website: www.memoriezdwell.com

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