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From: ADELAIDE, Australia

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I was born in Adelaide, South Australia on May 4th 1961 as Michael Bartholomew Warren.  Developing a love of music from a very early age, although I began writing songs after my first informal guitar lesson at the age of 21.  In the mid 80's I managed an Adelaide rock band called 'THE DREGZ' who were really tight but didn't really want to play gigs, and the gigs they did play set off ego's that would always threaten to split the band.  This was a band destined to go nowhere.

Deciding to attempt a career of my own I proceeded to get some money together to record my first album called 'TANGERINE SKY'.  This production was troubled from the start as the production crew and myself were rarely on the same page.  To try and make some money back on this project I hastily released an e.p in 1998 from the more accepted completed material.  After that disaster, I decided to try and put my own label together and a home studio to get more control.  The label was MAI-SONGS MUSIC, and the first release on that label was 'LONELY ROAD AHEAD' in 2005.  Although not as perfect production it was what it was meant to be and I then, knowing my direction, followed this up with 'SUBLIMINAL POET' in 2007.

I am now in the process of promoting my music online, updating my studio, and writing for my next 20 albums.  My website at has been visited by more than 60,000 music lovers who dig independent sounds with a demo feel as opposed to the more sterile, over produced drivel that permeates the charts worldwide.

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