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LUNGILE LEON MALLA, born 17 February 1997 is an upcoming South African rapper and a songwritter, born and raised in BLOEMFONTEIN hood called by PHASE 2. He started songwritting at the age of 15, when he was doing standard 7 at IHOBE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, he was mostly influenced by the 8mile movie. Before that he was listening to Eminem, 50cent, The game and the great Hover(Jay z) not forgetting Nas. LuuStar(rap name) started recording his first lines at the age of 18, those lines were those he wrote when he was 15 years old, the track is called by RealMusic done by RealMusicFam (LUUSTAR, DRE and KAY-MASH) now the crew is history. After that he did "I WILL BE ME" ft MAVRIICK. The last track he released in 2015 it is called "SOLO" were he rides alone. LuuStar promise to drop his first mixtape lately 2016 but he will continue dropping singles and doing features, he is more like a storyteller motivated by Eminem and Nas.

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