Luxury Boys

Luxury Boys

Luxury Boys

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: nassau, Bahamas

Band Members

  • shaquille white-aka-BABYG - RAPPER/WRITTER/CO-OWNER
  • Nathaniel moss-aka-FACE - RAPPER/WRITTER/CO-OWNER

About Band

Look check this out the luxury boys are the latest edition in the rap game.We ent here to get no friendz or just to do this for the money ! We came to do this 4 the fanz who love the hip-hop and this rap thing.In this world you gotta hustle or get hustled!!! SO you know what we doing we hustling trying to get this record deal and get up out the ghetto bra.Any industry n!gg@z out there who could help some teens get they hustle on then yall need to work something out 4 a G.The luxury Boys consists of two members known as BABY G who's 15 and yah boy FACE who's 16.These are two of the dopest and flyests young rapperz you will ever see ,hear and maybe even work with.Believe it yall they gon be the next big thing!SO YOU CANT SAY DAM " I WISHED I HAD GAVE THOSE KIDZ A RECORD DEAL WHILE I HAD THE CHANCE"!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$LUXURY BOYZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ We be freestyling all day everyday.This rap thing is our life bra.We be writting new songs everyday just 4 fun but we also takes it very serious.Simply because "IN ORDER TO BE THE BEST IT TAKES ALOT OF DISCIPLINE. PRACTICE ,DETERMINATION,CONFIDENCE AND ALOT OF HARD EFFORT", so everyday were hard at it even if were just rhyming we still try to put in a little time 4 our future. And i call it our future because this is what were set on becoming and this is what were gonna be.We dont have dreams of being caught up in the ghetto all of our lives,we got dreams of becomin somebody in life and not just another dead kid who got caught up in the wrong crowd or the drug game.We are determined to get out of the slums of this place called paradise(NASSAU BAHAMAS)and to become what we want to be in this life.Not just to make our parents or family proud but to get the ultimate reward at the end of the day !And that reward is to get this record deal and make it BIG in this RAP GAME yah heard !

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