Gothic, Rap, Metal
From: battle creek, MI, United States

Band Members

  • B Haan - Vocals
  • Mike Brand - Drums/Percussion
  • Deb Sheppard - Keys/ Samples
  • scott farley - bass
  • Will Higgins - Lead/Rythym Guitar/Samples

About Band

.In early 2006, LYKIN was born of a local cover band from Battle Creek, Michigan, who had decided to pursue their own style of music. Originally, the band started as a trio of keyboards, bass, and guitar. It wasn't until later on when the singer and drummer joined the band that the overall direction that the band would take became clear. Concepts formed and LYKIN moved away from its origins and ventured into a more dynamic style of music. Their multi-level and original approach to the writing process gave them an edge in the music scene in Michigan.

LYKIN had merged several genres. In doing so, LYKINs music subsequently resonated with an intense atmosphere of sound sated with dark undertones. Will Higgins on guitar projects a very strong metal influence into the music, giving it a heavy attitude with non-stop head banging riffs. Mike Brand seated on his throne behind the drums pounds out agressive rhythms creating a solid backbone for the band. Scott Farley on bass guitar beefs up the sound with all the low end, adding just the right feel to the music. Deb Sheppard on keyboards interweaves a more gothic element to the music, crafting a mood of darkness. The Final member BHAAN, is the vocalist. He gifts the band with screams/growls and harcore rap, sending forth intense controversial lyrics that are uncompromising and right in your face.

LYKIN recorded and released their 3 song demo to the public in June 2007. They will be launching their first full length CD entitled "Throne to the Wolves" in October 2007 and will include 13 tracks.

3 song ep available for 3$
songs include-
broken world
king of the damned

New Album Available on october 26th will be called "throne to the wolves

Songs include:

1.Broken World  2.Corrupted  3. Kator To Violence  4.King Of The Damned  5.Punk Ruckis  6.  Demon Ryder

7.Almighty Eye  8.Death Moon  9. Ghetto Dracula   10.Holywar  11.Lost Cause  13.Doped Up Personality

14. Mistakes

We Will Also Be Selling It At Our Cd Release party on oct. 26th @ Planet Rock

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