Rock, Hardcore, Metal
From: ORLANDO, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Jesse - Guitar
  • Mike - Bass
  • Brandon - Drums
  • Jared - Vocals
  • Sam - Guitar

About Band

Hailing from Orlando, FL, Machine Gun Funk (named after a Notorious B.I.G. song) continues to solidify their status in the underground metal community. The quintet's style combines elements of thrash and doom metal with the intensity of hardcore, creating a blend of groovy galloping rhythms and powerful organic drums. M.G.F. was formed in early 2008 by vocalist Jared Kimble, guitarist Kaelen Doughty, guitarist Jesse Jones, bassist Mike Dusek, and drummer Brandon Graham. The band recorded a five song demo in early 2009 and began honing their skills in various central Florida rock venues while also traveling to play as far away as the gulf coast of Mississippi. In 2010 Machine Gun Funk recorded the single "Anticipation" with hard rock guru Shane Bryant of Screamhouse Media. They kicked off 2011 with the recording of "Homeland Obscurity", the bands first official EP, containing four punishingly brutal tracks. The EP was recorded by heavy metal mastermind Kevin Pandele courtesy of Oddly enough the band has begun gaining momentum in the Central Florida scene by reaching out to its more dominant Hip-Hop community. M.G.F. has organized and participated in several "Rock/Rap" showcases featuring a mix of both styles and has been welcomed with open arms and banging heads by the otherwise unlikely supporters. The summer of 2012 saw the inevitable exit of loved guitarist Kaelen Doughty and the gracious entrance of long time friend and guitar player Sam Gibbs. M.G.F. has continued gigging and writing new music with Sam's superb influence and will be looking to record the new material going into 2013.

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