Madera Negra

Madera Negra

Madera Negra

Pop, Rock
From: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Band Members

  • Areku - Vocals
  • Martin - Guitar
  • Juno - Guitar
  • Waldo - Bass
  • Juano - drums

About Band

After several years participating in different bands throughout Puerto Rico, Martín Látimer, Alec (Areku), Eduardo (Juno) Guzmán, and Juan (Juano) Otero decide to join forces and form Madera Negra. With influences ranging from blues and 80’s rock, among others, Madera Negra is breaking through the scene with a new and refreshing original product. Mixing experience, thoughtful lyrics, and great riffs, Madera Negra hopes to break musical boundaries by appealing to a wide array of people with all kinds of musical preferences. Guitarist and founding member, Martín Látimer, begins Madera Negra several years ago after having collaborated with various bands throughout the island. One of such bands, Andante, enjoyed considerable recognition in the local circuit and received a Paoli prize. In addition, Martín has worked with many local artists including Eddie D among others. Juno and Juano, guitarist and drums respectively, have worked together in many different bands going back to their early teens; the most prominent of them being Código Civil, with which they had the opportunity to share the stage with other great bands from Puerto Rico. Waldo Martinez, bassist and producer has been worked with some Puerto Rico top artists. Once the core of Madera Negra is up and running, they start the arduous search for the right front man. Several months into their quest, they find Areku who in turn brings the signature sound, energy, and style the band was looking for! Having the last piece of the puzzle in place, Madera Negra begins working on material that would appeal to a broad audience. Their performances are filled with diversity and energy thanks to their catchy hooks and melodic approach to songwriting. It’s this mix of musical influences and big guitar chords that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack and allows them to win more fans by the minute! Madera Negra has just released their first full-length album titled “Mar de Celofán” with eleven original tracks recorded & produced by guitarist Carlos Rodríguez. In this first effort, Madera Negra digs back into their musical past to find their influences and blend them together thus creating an interesting mix of musical flavors that promises to please their listeners in every capacity, shape, or form.

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