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Born Mamadie Kabba and professionally known as Madi B., this Carson, California-bred rapper is gearing up for some life altering success. Many industry observers say that West Coast hip-hop has been on an indefinite hiatus, but Madi B. is committed to making that mindset a thing of the past.  

With his forthcoming single, “My Money’s Long”, catching the attention of mix show DJs, hip-hop journalists and a growing My Space audience, Madi B. attests that his music is a soundtrack to and for the streets. “I’m street!” The young rapper proudly exclaims. “But I’m not too street that I don’t have a larger understanding of what’s going on in the world around me. I keep it real and I don’t tell no fake stories. And everything I do is straight from the heart.”  

Since embarking on a career in music, Madi has been extremely focused on creating a debut album that will be respected and embraced by the streets. He also understands the importance of community and has a strong desire to give back.  Madi’s mother, an immigrant from Sierre Leone, Africa, knew since he was a small child that rap music was his birth rite.  Part of her means for educating him in the subjects of math and reading was through the usage of rap. As a single parent, she put herself through school and is a holder of a double master’s degree.   

Dedicated to his dreams, Madi B’s talent was discovered through an audition held by newly-launched Anytime Records.  The company’s founders, Bobby & Monique Evans didn’t hesitate to sign him.  “His talent is just undeniable,” says Bobby. “He impressed us with his vocal deliver and tone.   His style is unique. ”   

Influenced by the likes of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., , Lil Wayne, Madi B’s debut album, “Street G.E.D.” hits shelves [stores] [INSERT DATE]. Armed with the aforementioned single, “My Money’s Long” he assures us that this track is a banger.  “It’s kinda gangsta.  If you’re a rider then you’re supposed to be bumpin’ this!” he states. 

With other notable tracks including “Unsincerely Yours” and “Glasses Up”, Madi B. and Anytime Records are optimistic about his future.  In an industry where perspective and identity can be easily lost, Madi B can hold his own.  Madi B. is signed to Anytime Records based in Carson, CA.



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