From: Jefferson City, TN, United States

Band Members

  • Davy Crockett - Drums
  • Brandon Dickens - Bass
  • Stephen Moore - Lead Vocals; Guitar

About Band

    Mallory began in late September of 2007 even though lead vocalist and guitarist Steven Moore has been writing and playing on his own for years. Now, in the summer of 2008 the band includes Stephen Moore (vocalist; guitar), Davy Crockett (Drums), and Brandon Dickens (Bass).
    The band itself has an amazing stage presence and provides more than ample energy, giving it their all at every show. All three members live for music and hope to create a good message through their unique sound. Even in practice, the guys of Mallory live up to 120% of their potential whether it's rehearsing new hits or playing the old favorites.
    It is the collision of three distinct and highly skilled musicians that give Mallory their sound. Their songs range from hard rock all the way to emo with everything in between covered. And whether it's Davy's mastered drum solos, Stephens piercing voice and inventive guitar riffs, or Brandon's dexterity on the bass, no one can deny a connection to one of their many songs.
    In the spring of 2008 Mallory disappeared from the local music scene to hibernate in the studio, producing their very first 5 song EP. On July 1st, they walked out with proud smiles and weary hands as it was finally completed.
   Throughout Mallory's many stage performances they have had the great opportunity to meet hundreds of people. To them, every fan is extremely important and reaching out to thank them is their mission with the upcoming cd release party. They want to celebrate with the many who have supported them on this long journey.

    Please, feel free to take a listen and leave any comments or questions with us. We are more than ecstatic to hear from you, the listener.

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