Power pop, Indie, Rock
From: st paul, MN, United States

Band Members

  • mike andrew - singer/guitar

About Band

If you're a fan of power-pop (Matthew Sweet, Teenage Fanclub, etc.) you know that the formula for success when it comes to the genre is not so much a matter of effort, instrumental chops or stage show as it is one of a kind of geeky swagger, a certain nonchalant air of melodic excellence-- and Mandrew's got that in spades. The Wonderful World of Mandrew is packed to the gills with hooks on tunes like "I Can't Write" and "Obsceneries," but opener "Burning" is where the rocktastic comes in. It starts with a winsome little melody sung on top of an arpeggiated electric guitar and a handful of strings, and it seems for a minute like this might just be another sensitive rock album, albeit one that holds the promise of compelling melodies, but when the churning, odd-time funk-rock groove breaks in, it just kills, and set against the sweetness of the melody, it's a real treat. You want backwards guitar solos? You got it. Beatles-esque shimmer and harmonies? It's yours. The effectiveness of such an album on any given listener will hinge largely upon the moments that are accidentally soundtracked by it, but I recommend giving Mandrew a chance to work their way into your everyday.

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