World, Reggae, Latin
From: Bristol, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Christian de Juan - Guitars, backing vocals
  • Omer Makessa - Lead vocals, percussion
  • Simwinji Zeko - Guitars, backing vocals
  • Solomon Ahmed - Bass
  • Jason Newman - Drum Kit

About Band

Mankala is an eclectic band that plays high-energy original music that we define as Afro-Caribbean-Fusion-Groove, with elements drawn mainly from Afro Beat, Highlife, Reggae and Zouk...but also from Latin Rock and Blues!. The band brings together musicians from diverse places in the world such as Martinique, Zambia, Tenerife (Canary Islands) and of course England where Mankala was formed early in 2003 in the multicultural city of Bristol and where the band is currently based. 

The songs talk about the day to day things that are in the mind of a musician, like the constant struggle to make a living or the sacrifices that have to be made to accomplish our dreams. They also talk about things like the importance of sharing, giving and loving others by first loving yourself, or things like the beauties of nature and how a simple but powerful natural event like the sunrise every day, can be a source of eternal inspiration.

The name of the Band,  "Mankala", comes from an ancient African game that must be among the oldest of human entertainments. It is also said that the word “Mankala” has a more spiritual meaning, which refers to "where the soul is aiming for", but for us, Mankala means "Action through Music", a meaning that sums up the bands philosophy.  


Our debut album "Speak Your Mind" is out now! It can be purchased through our Myspace page...just click on the "buy now" button and we'll post it to you wherever you are in the world! But even better...why not come along to one of our gigs and buy it directly from us...we'll even sign it for you!







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