Mark Paul Baklin

Mark Paul Baklin

Mark Paul Baklin

Classical, Acoustic, New-Wave
From: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

About Artist

"Music is a dream that make your dreams become a reality. I've been composing my music since 1993 and only now that I really be able to make it comes alive. Hopefully someday my music will get into a Movie, Video Games or TV soundtrack. If any of you would like to sing my songs, just go ahead with it and let me know."

Started to compose his own music in the early 1993. Then when he study in a college, he started to take interest in computer music so the journey begins. Learning a lot of music software through MIDI and loops on most of his time, the music arrangement comes alive from time to time. With influences from Japanese music from the video games like Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Xenosaga, etc. and anime soundtracks. Not forgetting new-age music by Yanni, Secret Garden, Kevin Kern and to the latest songs, all are combined to make a new music and sounds...

In 1997, he join the "TV3 Nadi Pencipta Komposer" and manage to get the 1st place for episode 19 with the song "With You".

In 2007, "You’re Everything (Orchestra Version)" is the BEST COMPOSITION in representing MALAYSIA in the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS. You can check it out at
He also produced acoustic tracks in the USA from Jonasol Studios with Steve for the tracks "With You" & "My Words For You".

In 2008 he arrange & remix music tracks for a local artist; Linda Nanuwil in Sabah, Malaysia. The title of the songs that he arrange in Linda's album are "Karamaian do Kaamatan", "Mitongkiad Kito", "Kothuadan", "Mitongkiad Kito (Radio Edit)" and "Kotohuadan (Mark Paul House Mix)". Also making soundtracks for a local video production for National Geographic "Bobohizan of Borneo" & music for the finalist of National Geographic Asia Awards 2008 "Borneo Tattoo's".

After completing few more tracks from studios in the USA & Europe, finally the album came out "You're Everything" which is distributed worldwide in the digital download stores such as itunes, Amazon, Napster, Nokia, etc.

In 2009, producing many music tracks, albums & engineered for "The Three Sisters - Cahaya", "Boni Mosios - The Promise", "Jhen - 'Till You Take My Heart Away", "Lorin Lumogi - Di Kayu Salib", "Iana - Aku Bersyukur" and many more to come...

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