martin strecker

martin strecker

martin strecker

Electronica, Pop, Dance
From: Istanbul, Turkey

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Here's an actor turned singer turned school teacher turned radio host who would one day leave the black board chalk in his bag-pack and turn back into being a singer? “For starters my mother has always said that she believes in me. She’s my number one fan," Martin Strecker told a Danish newspaper Ugeavisen Odsherred back in 2013 - upon receiving the EPA award. And yes, a year later, in 2014, Martin Strecker would be back - after a 9-year break, in the recording studio. This time the studio wasn't in Copenhagen (Denmark) nor in Warsaw (Poland) - but in Istanbul (Turkey) where he began making what some have called 'a new genre of indie music'. "Music can and should be both political and an escape from the daily chaos," Martin Strecker told Danish magazine Out&About in August 2016. "… it's a song about rights, our basic right to be who we are . and love he we want to love," Martin Strecker told Turkish magazine G-mag in December 2014. With several releases used to raise money and awareness for Syrian Child Refugees and for LGBTI-rights - is, in all it's simplicity, how the story & biography should be told on who this Danish born indie-pop recording artist Martin Strecker really is... And thus continues the story 20 years on from Martin Strecker's first ever studio recording…

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