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Everyone has a story! I chose to tell mine through the gifts God has given me and allowed me to pursue. (Romans 12:6) The desire I have to sing for Christ has flourished and can't be put out! The Lord reminded me that I can do all things through him and that nothing is impossible! I took that step and decided school wasn't in my heart. I began a journey of learning as much as I could and finding the music in my heart! I began teaching myself the guitar and can't fathom how far I've come. I always dreamed of playing my own music, and now I am! Music isn't my story, but through it, I hope to give people the courage to follow Christ in every aspect of their life! There is hope no matter your story, and there is one who know exactly what you have walked through...he was there and is there now!

I heard all the cliché're not good enough, you're a failure, it doesn't happen to normal people. Then my heart met my mind and the word of God! (Isaiah 54:16-17) Ruth had favor with Boaz, Joseph was put in charge after being a slave, Moses had a stutter but proceeded to set God people free...God can use a small town girl with a passion too! (Jeremiah 29:11-12)

With all the chains growing up and the whispers satan put in my ear, I was bound by the lies of doomed failure. I found healing and a second chance! A choice you have to make is to turn the life you live into the life Christ would live. (Ephesians 4:1) We all fall short, but he made up the difference with the blood! (Romans 3:23-24)

Dream big dreams, and let the Spirit show you where God wants to use you! Don't ever be afraid to jump and take that leap of faith! Forgive and Live!

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