Hip-Hop, Rap
From: Libode, South Africa

Band Members

  • Double_B - Rapper and acting Producer
  • Madrhyme - Rapper and a Producer
  • P_T_O - Rapper
  • Amagame Bozza King_Tipex __Niggar X - Rappers

About Band

Rich Buddiez is a prolific HipHop crew which was formed in 2012 by Double_B(MASIXOLE QWELEKA) and Madrhyme(PHAKAMILE GIYAMA) who are originally from Libode in a smallest rural location called Lukhuni currently and permanently living in Mthatha (Ngcengane Loc). At first the name of the crew was YOUNGSTARS the name changed when we were in collaboration with various artists around our area.This crew started as a small crew by the help of the late Rap Star Lorenzo F Baby (LFB). As the time goes on the crew expanded when we were joined by two other Artists Two_Step and the youngest Rapper Fat_Rose and we were a crew of four artists and the crew changed its name to NAUGHTY GANG because of these two new artists. Due to differences these two new artists decided to go separate ways and the crew continued releasing singles through out the year. On the way to success we had many challenges and obstacles because we lacked recording equipments then after two years Double B went to Libode to finish his studies in Ntlaza at Chief Henry Bokleni S S S while Madrhyme was left alone he continued releasing singles throughout and also became a founder and a Producer of STREET GANG CREW.While Double B was living in Ntlaza he continued hustling and releasing his singles until he met with several other artists and made a collaboration with them_Lil Push _Lil Rock_P_T_O JMB_EMKAy_ONdz and Lil Kidho and we named ourselves RICH BUDDIES, we released few tracks closer to an album at Midnight Streets Record Label although we didn't have conflict the two Lil artists left and we were a crew of five. A year later we recognised that a recording at deal Midnight Streets Records was a bit high and one of our artists P.T.O introduced us to another Record label EAST COAST RECORDS where we met with our talented producers Fab Rose and Yung_Primo who valued our music,mastered it and put us on other level. This year 2017 we all following our careers and trying to make our dreams to come thru because the future is in our hands and now we release singles during holiday times

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