Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic
From: Santiago, Chile

Band Members

  • Pablo Rojahelis - Vocals , Guitar
  • Arturo Salinas - Drums
  • Gastón Apablaza - Guitar , Vocals
  • Ricardo Rodríguez - Bass

About Band

MASTA it’s a Rock band born in Santiago-Chile at the end of 2009, its members are Pablo Rojahelis (Vocal, Guitar), Arturo Salinas (Drums,Chorus), Gastón Apablaza (Lead Guitar, Chorus) and Ricardo Rodriguez (Bass, Chorus).


The MASTA story start at first of 2010, when every member after pass through several projects with so different kind of music and styles even overseas (Pablo, Arturo, Gastón and Ricardo) they meet and decide go to a new, fresh and different musical project whose main purpose is to melt an artistic and  musical concepts that gather the real feeling of the 4 members and bring to the people of the world new messages through great performances, lyrics and music that goes with contemporary moments and their own identity.


The band’s name came from the coexistence in a daily basis among the members in the rehearsals and compose time, where any member when some of the other did something great, they call him MASTA (Master), becoming in a code of friendship and respect among them.


MASTA first album name is CABLES and was recording and mastering with Chile’s  highest technology in Triana’s Studios and Clio; Engineers Jorge Fortune and Francisco Holzmann. The art and illustrations of the face of CD was made by Karto (Chilean comic cartoonist) and the general design and layout by Carolina Valdivia (Oct 2010).


MASTA music style has not according to their members a classified one, cause they cover wide tendencies inside the rock music, that in Chile are not yet massively cultivated except by foreign bands performance; despite of the experience of the MASTA’s members sometimes linked or close to Rockabilly or Brit-Pop they have some sounds, ideas and feelings that makes them a really new way or a melt of so many styles in one.


You’re invited to hear of our first  album in


You’re Welcome!!


MASTA; Independent, 2010

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