Masters of light Entertainment

Masters of light Entertainment

Masters of light Entertainment

Electronica, Alternative, Industrial
From: Lancaster/Bolton, United Kingdom

About Band

The exciting new band M.L.E consists of an innovative duo of musicians; Damian Ashcroft (The Orch) and Andy Harrison (electronic musician and talented artist). Both have been active and performing on the Northern music scene for many years. Their combined influences have produced an amazing collection of diverse electronic musical sounds. These influences include the early work of The Human League and the bedsit culture of Soft Cell. The lyrics reflect the social squalor and depression that is the reality of living in the concrete jungle of a grimy Northern town. M.L.E hit us with melancholic lyrics and a moody edge, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Often upbeat, the overall sound is 1980’s with a very modern twist. They combine great synth melodies with old analogue synths and drum machines and new cutting synth sounds. Consider a combination of The Chemical Brothers and The Human League and you are on the right track.
It is an exciting sound and well worth a listen, you certainly won’t be disappointed. This Talented duo are definitely ear candy.

Recent press Release news.

Just last week I put together a mix for traveling and included "Thieves Like Us" by New Order on it, and I heard it again today.   It made me long for more music from that time period, and made me wish that something more current carried on the tradition.  Little did I know that something, or rather...someone has.

M.L.E (Masters of Light Entertainment) are so very Kraftwerk and Soft Cell in their approach to Electronica, yet they are also very 2012.  How is that possible?  Well, it seems that Andy Harrison and Damian Ashcroft from North West England have done their homework.   They mix up the gear.  They stay current without running too far away from the original Godfathers of synth. 

These guys have obviously graduated with a Major in Joy Division and a Minor in Martin Gore.  If you like the music of times past in this regard but also like new flavor, you'll probably want to add M.L.E. to your traveling mix...with the bonus being that you just might get where you are going with more of a spirit of reflection upon arrival.

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