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Okay, I've been singing since little kid but music was just as a strong hobby at the begining. I was singing covers but then I just woke up one morning and I decided that I gotta have my own songs and be a singer, because music was and is for me much more than just a hobby: it's what I love the most on this earth, it makes me feel alive. So I started writing my own R&B singles at the age of 15 and my very first single proved to be a success in my country. But that's not what I want for me. I want much more so God help me. Right now my goal is to get signed. I work independently: I write the lyrics, I am the coreographer, I'm teachin' myself to play the piano, I'm also the stylist, the make-up artist and I could even say that I'm my own manager. It's kinda hard but my parents support me so it seems easier with them by my side. What else could I say? I send big messages to the world through my songs, I'm not just singing about something that is somewhere, I'm singing my life, my thoughts, my way to see the world.

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