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To whom it may concern:

 Hello, my name is Steven A. Schwartz,

Entertainment Attorney for CSS Productions Inc.  In partnership with my  Brother Chris Schwartz, Co-founder of Casablanca Records with Neil Bogart.

 We are receiving these reviews from professionals in the business. Here are some of their comments...

Please contact us at:
Chris & Steven A. Schwartz Attorneys at Law
cssproductions@gmail.com  / New York

Phil G. Gatton writes:

Hello Steven, 

I heard Mickey Strange on MySpace. I am with a&r at an independent label (Producer/Engineer for Major Artists) we don't handle your genre, but... I was so impressed with your songs that I am going to recommend you to some people who handle this genre of music. Fantastic quality production. Mix is superb. Vocals sit in the mix right where they should be. I love Salomé production. Vocals are just hammering, lead & backups. Very Impressed!

- Phil G. Gatton

Hi Steven,

My name is Bill Gonti a Major Distributor.

I played Mickey Strange’s 2 songs for some close friends. They loved them, especially, "Salomé" They said they can see you being a huge hit overseas, as well as here.  I will do what I can for you. Your productions are truly radio ready.

 - Bill Gonti

The Detroit High Tech "Astro Tramp Sexually Tinged in Glitter; "Mickey Strange" is making quite a name for himself. He is playing to sell out crowds in Detroit. Now is making his way to New York City you can find out more about Mickey at www.myspace.com/mickeystrange

- Brian McChollum The Detroit Free Press Pop Music Writer


We are inquiring about the Mickey Strange Project. Where did this guy come from? He is the New King of the club!!!

 - D.J. Steve, Club X – New York


Vice President of Creative Development at MP3.com

As a fan of Bowie, I caught the link to your MP3.com page. I would love to hear your cover of Panic in Detroit. I am Vice President of Creative Development at MP3.com in 

Los Angeles. I wish you well. Let me know how things are going. 

- Will


I find his voice extremely commercial this new style of music that he’s coming up with is a pleasant surprise to the listener. When Mickey Strange comes to New York, I would love the opportunity of having him perform live for me and my staff.


- Tit Batista
President of Black Rose Productions, Inc.


Detroit-based Mickey Strange covers Bowie’s of Panic In Detroit, a single which made it all the way into the Detroit Top 20. You can find out more about Mickey if you're in their area at their www.myspace.com/mickeystrange


- Teenagewildlife.com


Brazilian Promoter DJ. Markus Marques writes:

After thousands of Brazilians requesting a special edition of an hour long show featuring the new music of Mickey Strange!!!

Please contact me immediately!


- DJ. Markus Marques




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Website: www.myspace.com/mickeystrange

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