Rock, Alternative, Pop
From: Jerusalem, Israel

Band Members

  • Ohad Eilam - Voice, Guitars
  • Assa Bukelman - Guitars
  • Gil Assayas - Keyboards
  • Shai Saadia - Bass
  • Assaf Krauss - Drums

About Band

missFlag is an Indie band hailing from Jerusalem, Israel. While you can label the band as anything you want, the varying music backgrounds of the five founding members produce an original, exciting, emotional sound found nowhere else in the world.

The year old band is full of dedication, hard work, and elbow grease, with each member maintaining his own day job while at the same time participating in the fledgling yet trailblazing missFlag.

This young Israeli band hopes to take their music to new heights around the world, and their debut EP has done just that, producing the hit single "Hidden Thieves", which has been featured as the Track of the Week four times in a row (making Track of the Month!) on the Indie music station "Fame Games" and is currently the stations highest rated song.

Furthermore, the well known newspapers "the Boston Globe" and "the L.A Times" have praised missFlag's music. Some quotes:

"Of course the timing is good: now that Keane's lead singer is in rehab we need a new New Coldplay."

"missFlag brings a beautifully shambling sensibility to the epic chord changes and winsome melodies."

"This band from Israel covers some of the same ground as Coldplay with the kind of sing-along choruses that could appeal to a large audience. Singer Ohad Eilam has an accessible sincerity and, in "Hidden Thieves," when the keening guitar enters on the final chorus, providing a diversion from the center of focus (the piano) one can imagine a concert hall of swaying bodies."

Following the success of their five-track EP, the band began recording its first full length album in July of 2006. The bands talent attracted well known L.A. producer Guy Erez (the Gipsy Kings, Ryan Cabrera, Randy Coleman), who is producing the album. missFlag's album, named "To Infinity", will be released in January 2007. You can now hear 4 tracks from the upcoming album on the band's Website (www.missFlag.com) or MySpace page!

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