Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: miami, FL, United States

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Hey wassup ya'll? For all of you wanting to know a lil something about me imma go ahead and grant you your wish. It's  Da Lyricist a.k.a Mistory here in the building. I'm 21 years old. My music is about everthing i've ever experienced in life or things i've seen others around or close to me experienced. It's clean-cut and as real as it gets. There is no "sugar-coating" whatsoever and everything and anything that anyone would wish to know about me or my life experiences, my music usually speaks for itself. Music to me was and is my life ever since the age of 5. I would and will turn to music for almost anything and everything, just to express my feelings, no matter what they were or are, whether happiness or sadness. The ways i would and continue to express myself were and are through singing, dancing, writing and freestyling. At the age of sixteen up to this very day, I became more of a songwriter, writing as many songs as i could even if it was just one day out of the week. As a result, I saw how much better i felt afterwards. My mind was more free, having all those thoughts in my head removed completely that may have been troubling or causing confusion within my head.

Music whether gospel or secular, sad or happy, no matter what kind, was bound to touch my life. It was like you could find any kind of music for whatever mood you were in. And after listening to it everything and everyone didn't seem so horrible or cruel to you. It was like you were fighting back mentally instead of physically. As a result, I would wish to contribute to music in a positive way as a sign of appreciation. I want to touch people of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds and more in a dynamic, expressive and creative type of way.

Whenever you hit up my page feel free to show some love and feedback so that I'll know what affect my music has had on your lives. Thanks and I would very much appreciate it if you did so.


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Website: www.myspace.com/mistorymusic08

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