MK (Musician)

MK (Musician)

MK (Musician)

World, Alternative, Pop
From: Alexandria, VA, United States

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"Everyone has to start somewhere, and mistakes are part of an everlasting gain of understanding and betterment of those that exist." - M.K. ______________________________________________________________________________ I've been a musician for the last 17 years or so. I was born in the rythmic heart of Bangladesh, Dhaka, on the 25th day of June. My attachment with music came as an inspiration from all varying musicians and singers in my family and those from around the globe. I started playing the tabla, the popular sub-continental drums and have been playing it for the last 17 years. I have been a singer for the last 11 years and a musical composer and lyrics writer for the last 10 years or so. I've been living in this beautiful country we call the United States for about 9 years now and have been an American for nearly 2 years now. Music is my passion. It is what brings water to the enraging fires of my life. It is what helps me find common grounds with all those living in this humble abode we call Earth. Most of my musical endeavors started from my hometown in Nashville, TN. I tend to write, compose, and direct music of my own. Most of my music have been in my native language, Bangla. Recently, I've been exploring my skills in making songs and music in the English Language. I'm also a former member of a long lost, short lived, Bangladeshi band called Fused. One of my recent works was with a well known musician in Nashville, TN, Danny Salazar, who helped me with the editing of the song and a music video for a Cancer Center in Bangladesh, Mosabbir Cancer Care Center. This non-profit, philanthropic organization primarily focuses on children and the poor people residing in Bangaldesh. The video was produced in beginning of 2009 and is available on YouTube, Titled: Without A Trace. I believe in being educated to the highest possible level. In this world, you should never lose any opportunity that life has to offer, provided they tend to be positive in nature. I wish I took this statement seriously a lot earlier. But it's never too late as long as you make sure to try your best to strive for success. I'm currently knocking at the door of lifelong prosperity, and should be stepping in soon in the next couple of months with a B.Sc. degree in Marketing. I'm also working on starting my MBA in Global Management and Marketing in October of 2010, God Willing. I also believe that you should never give up hope, whether it's through God, or some other belief in life, as long as it keeps your sincere commitment of dedication, diligence, creativity, honesty, and love to yourself and the rest of the world around you. I'm also presently akin to the thousands of unemployed individuals in the United States. But that does not mean, I've given up in Life. Nor should anyone else. Find a way to keep yourself going. Honest life is hard, but it pays-off in the long-run, and most importantly, for the long-run. Surround yourself with those that love you and will support you no matter what happens. I'm happy to have my parents, adoptive parents, teachers, advisors, friends, other family members, and the love of my life: my wife, love me and support me in the best possible manner they can. Life has its limitations every now and then, but it is up to us to strive for reaching beyond those limitations. We should strive for rectifying our mistakes while learning positive aspects from the lives of others. Read more:

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