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Mohamed Bekhit (Moex) decided to enter the music field in 1999 and started off as a bassist. Based in the UAE at that time, he joined different bands practice sessions to learn and expand his knowledge. After years of practising and jamming sessions he decided to start up a band along with Fouad Al Zarka in 2004. The band, Shadows Sphere, was successful and known as the first melodic metal band in Dubai. Shadows Sphere was featured in one of the local magazines along with other bands who were established in the UAE years before them.


Moex decided to quit the band in 2005 and focused on his professional career but he never stopped persuading his music passion. He worked on improving his guitar and drum skills and worked on new tracks of his own.


In 2011 after the Egyptian revolution, Moex decided to return to his homeland to continue his professional and in the same time his work in music. He was influenced by the revolutions that are taking place in the Middle East and wanted to focus his musical themes on the same subject.


After the release his first professional track "Forsaken Dreams (rule no more)" Moex will continue to release singles every now and then. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases.

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