Motif (Manzeneo)

Motif (Manzeneo)

Motif (Manzeneo)

R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop
From: Windhoek, Namibia

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                                                              My Profile

Name:Absalom Manze
Surname: Khomob
Stage name: Manzeneo
Nationality: Namibian
Group name: Motif
Group/featured artist:Vionna Gaoses
Stage name:Remedy
My Music genre: R n B, pop, Hip Hop/Rap
Hobbies & Sports:Singing and Basketball!!!!!
Lucky Star:Capricorn

Background:I was born in Tsumeb,grew up in Otavi.In 2009 I completed my grade 12 at Khorab Junior Secondary School,Namibia.

                                                          My music career:

My stage name is Manzeneo,I`am a song-writer ,singer and producer. I started my music career at age of six,my biggest influences in music was Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson they are my huge fans and inspiration in singing.And l grew up listening to their songs.In 2005 when I attended a church choir at my father's home church alone with my mother and siblings in my home town Otavi, love for music started to grow within me,the songs they sang inspired me to start  writing my own lyrics in church and we started our own group call Chapel Chapters,which was based from the youngest duo namely Young Echoes which was run by my mother in our church but the band didn't last long and In 2008 l landed in a home studio Dead Image Records to Baby King Inc which l ran with my brother Joseph Somseb and l did a first product of my own which was our first single Perfect Angel featuring Udi but due to the lack of studio equipments we didn't manage to completed our first project and In 2009 we renew the name of the label to Mia King and with the help of Antonio Studios in Tsumeb/Namibia. We completed our Three track demo_-Forever featuring Remedy,Perfect Angel,Lil Crush and Phonelovers featuring Remedy which we finally re-record and mastered a mix-tape at LA Studios.

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