Mr. Caezar

Mr. Caezar

Mr. Caezar

Hip-Hop, Rap, Other
From: Livingstone, Zambia

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Brian Chooka famously known by his stage name Mr. Caezar derived from Caesar (Julius) was born on October 23, 1986 in Livingstone, Southern, Zambia. A developing country located in the southern hemisphere of the African continent.

He was the first child in a family of two and became the only Son of Brenda after the passing of his Brother.

B.C. and his half brother were victims of a Single Parent House Hold, for they never met, or knew there father. Without a Father figure, they had to depend on there Single Mother for Up Bringing, Support and Care. When she passed in 1997, they where adopted by there Grand Father on there Mother's side in a House Hold of 11 making them intruders. It was in this House of ill-treatment that Brian was quickly forced to grow older than his age just so he could have a life for him self and his Brother.

MC went to Dambwa Primary School, then Mulwani Basic School and finally Graduated at Sesheke High School (Boarding).

Caezar started his Music journey in the Mid 90's, as a young Boy, he was pretty much amazed by anything to do with Music. He grew up listening to different kind of Music from Soul, Jazz, Afro Pop, Folk, Rhumba to RnB, Pop, Rap and Hip Hop. Most of this Music was from Artists such as Brenda Fassie, R. Kelly, Brandy, Monica, TLC, Tu Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy, Luther Vandros, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Koffi Olomide, Tshala Muana etc. His interest in Music grew as he did, probably early 2000. He pretty much would sing along to every Local or International new Song he just heard on the Radio, before His Friends including Adults would grasp a thing, he did, and they would come to him if they wanted to know this or that or just for clarity on whatever, so long it was Music related.

Brian Chooka began writing at age 14, he would try to impress Girls or show off to his Friends at school by Chanting Rhyming Lyrics acclaimed over Musical Accompaniment which mostly was Him Banging on the Cassroom Desk and would stop whenever the Teacher walked in and he would be punished for disturbing the class, but he would still repeat the same thing the next day, and the next day, and that other day...

In the midst of High School, He perfected His Art in Writing, that was after he Accidentally Found Himself Listening to his now Self Proclaimed Father, Hero, Role Model and Idol, the Marcy Projects' world's greatest Rapper alive, Sean Corey "Jay Z" Carter. Until now, Mr. Caezar looks to nobody but Sean for Inspiration, period!

Literature in English was Brian's favorite subject in High School, it allowed him to learn the art of Music, Story Telling, Poetry and most importantly, just be a better person. It was through this subject that he learned and understood the meanings and differences of literally teams such Metaphors, Similes, Hyperbola, Euphemisms, Ironies, Satires and just about every technique that he uses in his raps to date.

N.B. So if you want to understand what MC is trying to communicate to you in his songs, don't listen with your ears, listen with your head, because his lines are usually made of Metaphors within Piles of Metaphors.

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