Muhd Hanis Hazwan

Muhd Hanis Hazwan

Muhd Hanis Hazwan

Blues, Jazz, Country
From: Bedok Reservoir, Singapore

About Artist

Hello everyone! My name is Muhammad Hanis Hazwan. I am born on the date of 29/05/1997. I am a Guitarist, Singer And Song Writer. I have been writing songs since 2012. Ever since the end Of 2013.. When my life is on its rocky roads, I began to express myself better in the music I write until today. I write mostly to the theme of Love, Relationship, Break-Ups Ect. I Am A Huge John Mayer Fan. Most Of My Influenced And Inspiration For Blues/Jazz/Country came from him. I started off as an average 12 year old kid, finding his way in guitar playing that Rock And Metal were the genre that makes a name for guitarist. But growing older in music, playing with soul is the thing that an Artist should need as it might speak for someone else heart. I didn't believe in myself to be a Singer, or even plan to be one. As a kid singing is a hobby or a thing to do in leisure and joy. But when writing music, to find someone to sing your song, is not easy. From then on I myself took the challenge to sing my own composition and to spread the message that I seek to let out to the people. I hope you guys out there would love and appreciate my work and would take the time to understand the lyrics more than just enjoying the tune. Thank you for the support. Do Check Out My Youtube Channel . Posting My Songs There. So Enjoy!

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