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Since I was a kid, I have a passion of making music and express myself out with music. My parents have no musical background, so they can't teach me how to play music. They had once tried to enrol me into music class, but they can't afford it. However, he bought us a nice adult-sized keyboard, with very polyphonic sounding, Yamaha brand, for us to play with it. It's not for child's play, but he just let us use it for our musical expression purposes.

Me and my sister managed to compose a few songs out of it. It sounds very kiddie, but hey, we're being real here. Children should compose music like a children. We recorded number of songs into a cassette. I was the one who recorded the most, I think 90% was contributed by me, while the rest by my sister. It's a fun, kiddie pop, happy album.

However, I lost my interest in music for quite many years after that, especially when I was in secondary school (equivalent to high school). There was a Music Club in our school, but I was not interested at all to participate. Despite of losing interests in making music, I still managed to have interests in singing. I watched a lot of singing competitions, from auditorium, to TV. Our family was back then a karaoke-freak. We love to sing a lot, especially classic oldies songs.

When I was in form 4 of secondary school, I performed "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" for the first time, in front of public. This time, I performed with my fellow friends. Only 3 years after that, I made another performance during orientation week, which is a group song titled "Let The Music Heal Your Soul". I managed to get applause for my singing because I was the one who sing those high notes. After that, me and my friends hang out a lot, especially at karaoke bars. I belted out many female songs and tried different type and genre of songs, both in English and Malay.

Singing is always my passion. Even after graduated from university, I still love going to karaoke bars, singing at my house and performing in front of public. I have competed in two regional singing competition so far, but to my avail, both never succeeded to score a good position. In 2006, I tried to re-invent myself. From being someone who love to sing, to someone who love to sing and compose music. My first song-composing software is a lousy Nero Soundtrack. Gosh! I did make some dance tracks out of it, but it sounded so crappy.

Later that year, I found Acoustica Mixcraft, a software for voice recording purposes. Still not good enough for music composition, but at least, I found something better for arrangement of music and vocals. I did record cover songs out from that software, ranging from Bee Gees to Teresa Teng. Up to now, I have recorded 170 cover songs and still recording! It was only in August last year when I first discovered Fruity Loop, a software for composing music which I found very interesting, learnable and educating. I launched my first single back then, titled "Tiada Dara" (No Virgin), available for download at CARI Forum. The song is very sexual, suggestive, straight-forward, offensive and insensitive to Malaysian nature. I recorded it as double-sided single, which I have 4 tracks on each side, ranging from remixes, to bonus track offensively named as "Ku Belum Basah" (I'm Not Wet Yet).

In December, I released another single, titled "Berguguran" (Falling), a song based on my experience when my sister admitted to hospital due to diabetic pregnancy. It was happened that my sister was placed in the same ward with another preggy woman. However, to her avail, that woman was having miscarriage! "Falling" in this song, means "miscarriage". How ironic is that huh? This song has a very deep message, hinting a no-sex period for couple expecting a child. Unlike "Tiada Dara", "Berguguran" is a clean single, but, I found it to be a bit offensive in Malaysian nature. I haven't yet to release another single. However, I have released a song for Konsert Amal Gaza for CARI Forum, which I named "Sedetik Nyawaku". Two version of this song are available: original and remix. The original one has very patriotic/army-sounded melody, while the remix one is more upbeat - experimenting my skills on piano beats.

My first album has yet to be released. I'm planning to release it end of this year, with two separate confirmed titles - "Eksplorasi" and "SEksplorasi". The former is more laid back and targeted for wider audience, while the latter is more rigid, harsh, full of violent and vulgar messages which may not be suitable for minor and insensitive audience. I am still recording songs for these albums. The confirmed tracks are "Mari Bersama/Mari Berasmara" (Let's Get Together/Let's Make Love) - my experiment with tango-style music, "Naluri Seksual" (Sexual Instinct) - my experiment with ballad/slow number, "Dikir Cik Loy" - a song about bullimia, as well as "Tiada Dara", "Berguguran" and both versions of "Sedetik Nyawaku". Other unconfirmed tracks are "Pocong" (Ghost), "Tahi" (Sh*t), "Bersihkan Tandas" (Clean Your Toilet), "Tanggapan Kedua" (Second Thought) and some few old picks from my previous composition.

I am thinking of making the album as eclectic as possible, with elements of pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, dance, army-sounding, tango-infused and even ethnic. The lyrics will be full of hidden, somewhat clear and deep messages. Some lyrics will be provocative, suggestive, with elements of vulgarism, violence and horror. However, it shall not contain elements of racist, hatred, blasphemous and gender/sexual orientation discrimination. The album is still in the making, and pray for me to finish this project in the nearest possible time!

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