Hardcore, Metal, Punk
From: Solymár, Hungary

About Band

Our band was found in 1997 in Solymár /a small town near Budapest/. Our goal in the beginnings was to vary /and 'play' with/ the classical elements of hardcore, but what has been on our minds at the time has formed an interesting mix and musical environment that we simply call 'housing projekt metal'. Unfortunately, within two years the band's progress has slowed down and we came to a dead end. But only for a while...

At this stage everyone has tried to walk his own path, but we could hardly get on as /and now we know/ we are only powerful together and without each other the love of music is not a real love.

So, after five years of dying we started to negotiate again and these negotiations have brought the thoughts of reforming the band. Soon the thoughts have been followed by actions. Rehearsals have started and the 're-living' of the old songs. When that was done we've started to compose new songs and thanks to that today we are able to present a powerful, composite show. Meanwhile, we have recorded some 6 demos which haven't been perfect, but they all represent the stage that we've been at the time – the undoubtfully hardest and most powerful band of the area.

Lately, we've presented our first album - '1 punch = 2 deaths' - which is a severe milestone in the band's life. Here I'd like to take the chance to express my gratitude for the help and adoration to Bames and the Kud-arc fellowship /rock-club/ of Solymár. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. A big 'thanks' goes to all of those who've played alongside us during the years /Hornyák Balázs, Nádai Gábor, Walter Krisztián/ and also to Párduc, our first real fan.

Of course there are a lot of people to whom we owe gratitude and are not mentioned here. Those whom it concerns know. Thank you everyone!

With a lot of concerts behind our backs and a lot of things to do in front of us we await the chance to show as many of YOU as possible what HOUSING projekt METAL is all about.

Metal 4ever

Kontakt: mwsband@gmail.com +36205390120

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