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n-Somnia is a solo project by Jared Rowbotham.  Based in Christchurch, this project is primarily instrumental and digital.

The project started in 2002 initially and lasted until 2006, before being taken out of retirement in 2011.  During the first era, a variety of instrumental dance tracks were created and a few singles/EP's were released online.  A brief moment of success came during Christmas of 2002 with the single, "Robot Lover From Mars", which reached a #1 position on one of many charts on BeSonic.com.  n-Somnia went into hiatus mode in 2003 for about a year, after which a brief comeback took place before going into hiatus a second time.  In 2006, n-Somnia was retired.

In 2010, it was decided to bring n-Somnia back.  Eventually in 2011, the comeback saw the release of n-Somnia's first album, "The Awakening".  This release had a number of singles, and was also followed by a remix album, "n-TheMix".  In 2012 an EP called "The System" was released, followed by a compilation album, "X - The First Decade", which included songs from the first era of the project.

n-Somnia's second album, "Urban Decay", saw its release in 2013, including a few singles of its own.  This was followed by another EP later that same year, called "GCSB", which was made during a holiday period (but not a hiatus).  The end of 2013 saw the release of n-Somnia's first collaboration single with a vocalist, Laci Tucker, called "Sliced".

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Website: stuffedduck.weebly.com

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