Black Metal, Death Metal, Metal
From: Moscow, Russian Federation

Band Members

  • T.Moloch - bass/vocal
  • Cannibal - guitar
  • Wrench - guitar
  • Kir - drums

About Band

Nabaath is a black/thrash black metal band combining the power of raw energy of black influence and the aggressiveness of a trash into a volatile battery of destruction without depriving itself of original melodic. The lyrics are aggressive and speak to destroy Christian and similar religions and ideals. Spewing forth elements of chaos, technical progression, social behavior and the freedom of nature and space.

The band was formed in 2002 in Obninsk, Russia with the original line up consisting of bassist & vocalist Tyrant Moloch, guitarist Cannibal and drummer Domovoi. This union has defined initial direction of Nabaath which could be characterized as raw, minimalistic and explosive black metal in tradition of old school sound.

After several months of rehearsals and local gigs Nabaath recorded their first demo "Eternal Silent Forest" in May, 2003. In autumn Nabaath mightily performed at local concerts and venues. In the end of year Cannibal left the band due to creative differences.

During 2004 Nabaath was left without a guitarist, and in June of that year Domovoi was called to serve in the Russian Army. In the winter 2005 drummer of Russian doom metal band Forest Stream’s KiR joined NABAATH. And in spring Crawler, the guitarist of Beheaded Zombie joined the band as well.

2006 saw the recording of Nabaath’s full-length album "Back Of Beyond" and also the departure of KiR, due to commitment in other projects. In KiR’s absence Vile, bass guitarist of Beheaded Zombie and drummer of Slaughterdead to the place of drummer and in 2007 "Back Of Beyond" was published SoulFlesh
Collector Label (RU). This raw recording contains a collection of seven NABAATH songs between 2002 and 2005.

Thus "Back Of Beyond" is the logic point in creativity of the band.
With the return of KiR and Cannibal in the band, and with new comer Wrench on rhythm guitar, Nabaath’s most recent line-up prepares to record the second album "War Blasphemy", which promises to be progressively more violent and destructive concept of black metal than before.

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