Narco Tisados

Narco Tisados

Narco Tisados

Indie, Blues, Psychedelic
From: Hollywood, CA, United States

About Band

“Standing out aint easy” Claims Narco Tisados guitarist TJ. “when your band plays the same pseudo rock, emo, whinny, pussy lipped, muted verse that’s builds to the heavy hard hitting distorted chorus where the bitchy singer will hold his vowels about something his dad did to him in a made up dream, crap rock watered down mall punk shit you see filling the pages of copy-cat magazines that are selling manufactured identities to any kid that’s lonely, scared and confused enough to give it ten seconds!” he takes a breath and finishes “and selling teenagers EMO aint shootin fish in a barrel or nothing right?” I guess it doesn’t need to be said that Narco Tisados does not play Emo. So what does Narco Tisados play? “Juan (guitarist, vocalist) told me the other day that he loves our band because its good music played bad” They play a style very reminiscent of the 1960’s Rhythm and Blues Rock sound that invaded American airwaves from Brittan with a slight infection from 77” punk.

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