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I'm from Outerspace sent here to get famous, Im about to Neptune Earth after I circle uranus, deep water nemo dialysis chemo, Barkley with these bows about to stick you for your free throw, lord of the words accent shark in deep water, breed in the abyss sacrifice to catch water rain man.........the pide piper make em come ratt tah tat tat haitian beating on a drum.

To be continued Natees Shakur Unleashed stay tuned for the rest of Vol 3 then Vol 4 Proclamation of Natees Shakur the story has yet to be told wittness the unleash of a Beast

Music Concept Do Not reflect Natees Shakur beliefs all rights reserved. A Burning Empire Exclusive © 2011 13 Stars and Wise Owl Entertainment / Super Mario Music. All songs written produced & arranged by Natees Shakur for A Bitten Apple Ó Production Spaceman music a verbal arts concept MENTAL RAP ET Extraterrestrail Goup Inc ® ™

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