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About Me I am just a Down home Country Gal who loves to Sing an enjoy life to the best, make people smile an be there friend,I have been singing last 9 years, as i can Remember, or longer I enjoy most things in my life with my 3 beautiful gals, They are my life of everything, they also sing ,I also love trying new songs That other people sing, i am also a drawing artist painter an designer web designer, i am gifted person who can create art with the smallest things in life, i am very talented with many things, I am also a writer in poetry in last 15 years, Its something I look forward to that comes from the heart, , I am lovable person with feelings an a beautiful heart of gold, to give to the world as my friends, I share great talent to those who are there for me, with respect an love of others, i sing a lot at home On my karaoke, I spend time with my girls singing all the time, enjoy the best of life is what i do best for my self an others,being a professional artist, i guess that comes natural in life some time or other, never got that far yet in life, But i guess, it comes to that when the time is right , so i enjoy life singing an making every one happy, with the talent that I enjoy most in my life,,i am also good with Lyrics an i do write lot of poetry from time to time Just comes natural i guess.. seams i do lot of that those days, I have not written any songs of My own.. not as of yet,, maby if i can hook up with a guitar player that can play my music ill be all set.,. finding the right one to play your music, is not easy/ seams Like its lot of rock an hard rock those days.. it will be pretty hard to find the one for country music I sing.. being a Newfoundlander Us Newfie's are talented when it comes to folk an country music,, Maby if i can find band to hook up with,, i'll be all set,, just waiting On that chance in Life, I have a pretty good voice for some one who Only sing On My own time with my children,, maby some day ill get that spot on being on stage who knows, eh by!!! :))))

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