New Truth

New Truth

New Truth

Progressive, Indie, Hip-Hop
From: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Band Members

  • Bucknaked Sam - EmCee/Producer
  • Artizun - Producer/EmCee
  • DJCoastboy - 1's & 2's

About Band

What can we say other than we keep it honest. We keep it Raw, Fresh, and we keep ya on your toes! New Truth is currently composed of 2 Poets, and thats all there is to it. We keep it Independent. Rarely borrow beats, we make our own. We engineer our own tracks. We produce our own tracks, all that good stuff. So let us know what you think, we're always down to connect with like-minds w/ a love for hip hop. --LAdiDa! - - - Marcus Agee, also known by his stage name Bucknaked Sam (Mr. NoHook, Head) is a hip hop artist, emcee, and producer from Ocean Springs, MS. He is a founding member of the hip hop-duo New Truth. His recent emergence seemed to have been out of no where, literally ripping into the local scene - early 2012. But his fresh revelation is no reflection of the charisma & dexterity he naturally brings to the microphone. No limits to what he'll spit, some would say a metaphorical maniac. - Blair Draper, also known by his stage name Artizun (Bear, FroJo, MCVertigo) is an musician, producer, and emcee from Salt Lake City, UT. He is the other founding member of the hip hop-duo New Truth. After having played behind the drum set for 8+ years, pushing the rhythmic formula of several Hardcore, Metal, Instrumental & Progressive experiments. He then began tinkering with the electronic side, and found a knack for setting the groove tight for rhyme-application. - Together, him and BN.Sam have quickly been developing somewhat of a new conscious of hip hop. There are no lines drawn in terms of song structure & production, and every track that is released has a deeper meaning behind it, regardless of the words may read. Lacking only in experience, the limits are endless for this seemingly opposite pair. And its fixin' to be a runaway train. -

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