Death Metal, Folk, Metalcore
From: Budapest, Hungary

Band Members

  • Lili Träger - Female vocals, flute
  • Anna Németh - Violin, bagpipes
  • János Krieser - Guitar
  • Bálint Kemény - Guitar
  • Balázs Hormai - Lead vocals, mouth harp, kobza, flute
  • Márton Szilágyi - Kaval, tilinkó, flutes, bagpipes, throat singing
  • István Kristóf - Kobza, hurdy-gurdy, clear vocals
  • Milán Leindler - Drums
  • Attila Rab - Bassguitar

About Band

"Niburta was born from the fusion of ancient and modern music. The combination of technical shredding metalcore and ancient Magyar, Moldavian and Mongolian folkmusic resulted a fresh blast in today's underground folk metal scene. The use of bagpipes, kavals, diverse whistles, kobza and violin combined with a harsh metal section equipped with heavily downtuned guitars and dual bass drums unleashing a massive wall of sound makes this band unique and energetic. Niburta's moral aim is to bring back our forgotten ways of life by spreading the word with touching lyrical themes"

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