Nisha D

Nisha D

Nisha D

Hardcore, Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Central FL, FL, United States

Band Members

  • NiSha D - Producer, Song Writer, Artist

About Band

The Name is Nisha D aka Donte'. I was born fly on march 2 1987 in Central FL. Since the age of 8 i have always had a keen sense for music. at age 8 i quit little league football to learn how to play drums. at age 14 i began writing raps and songs. I didn't truly realize my love for hip hop until the winter of 2001, i went to visit my mother in Minneapolis MN and got a part time job with my StepDad and brother cleaning offices and businesses after hours. We were in Woodbury, MN one night cleaning a business office and one of the workers left their radio was a cd of rap instrumentals. Yea, so my little brother my stepdad and i began freestyling to the that point i became very aware of my talents as a rap artists. over the years i would write a lot of poetry, spoken word type literature and i developed the knowledge of Word Play. I am a former mechanic. In 2008 while i was working at a local Toyota dealership, in my spare time i would write lines and songs and really not do anything with it. Until i realized, all these songs need beats. it was then i decided to start making beats. LMMS was a free user friendly program that allowed me to learn how to produce the music that i was writing to. I have since then mastered lmms and i am currently working to perfect my flow, and learn FL studio. I DON'T always use my beats...tho i love them. My Influences ranges from Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, to Jay-z, Lil Wayne and Drake, my favorite Hip-Hop artists. My Goal is to get Signed by a major label. It's not just the money Im after, I just want the chance to be heard. My life in full is a story worth telling to the world. I love when people rock to my music. I know those who listen to my music will enjoy it. RIP Grandma Battle and Uncle Baby JR. and as always praises to the most high. Peace!

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