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    I came up in minneapolis hitting open mics and collaborations with other artist's but beyond all the bullshit I was and still am inspired by break ups hangovers and empty bottles of asprain. I am a member of a label called Dumpstarrs. We started it because its easier to do things yourself then with someone else. My whole perspective on my music is "You have to be true to yourself and what you belive in"
    I would never go around pretending to be a "gangsta" rapper. I'm a emcee,with every meaning of the word. I always keep a open ear to everything i hear,Even when people hate on me. The way i see it,if your hating on me that means you had to take the time to listen. Thats why i aint bothered with shit talkers. From the internet to the stage and after partys, You can love me, hate me but you can't ignore me. I'm really not the egotistical type,I just call it how i see it. From minneapolis to New york, and everything in between.
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Peace and respect


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